It's all in a word – Words for Wine

according to adrian Lera whines can be talked about using different scales one such scale is sweetness at one end of the scale come why's that a therapy and sugary too sweet at the other end our wines that are very dry bone dry dryness is good in a wine another scale is feel with wines that feel hard or rough or unpleasant very Ravin wines that are soft and mellow are good hmm very Miller very nice now that's the more about aging wine is awesome very important it's good to be mature and drive that's very fine yes very rare very right but the wine shouldn't be immature or senile that that one's more or less dead and the fourth scale is nose no it is a very important time we couldn't do that could we bad nose yeasty smells of leather very leathery but this one this one this one's really rather fruity which is a variation to fragrant and a bit sort of smoking I suppose

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