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last week on it takes guts to be a Gutierrez a long waiting to see the enemy a little bit serious money matter in the end you have to sign a contract and everything so what's my first step to join us on Thursday we'll have work a coach watch your form its form first and foremost I'm going east we're signing up signing you up for race two races the first two already this is exciting you up for it's just a five kilometer run that's the fun runs yes I heard that you bought new dean furniture there is this lots of art in all things and the storage you have to stop living 25 years old okay I'll check okay baby I'll take it how will you check some high schools I have to talk to me about sex that I already learned about them are you saying the work I said the world and I finished shopping because we are moving into a new house and we needed new furniture for the new house there's a no furnitures first time I saw the place is so big lots of good furnitures a nice furnitures I don't even know what to choose dr. Mann Shawna was huge and I was really excited and I checked all of the furniture oh I like that chair this table don't how much is this how much does people know it's four hundred forty thousand four hundred forty thousand it's also nice I'd like to call it off where are you gonna put this home I like this one my ex is not smart I feel like originally because she brought Venice and I along it seemed like it was supposed to a shopping trip for Venice and I thought the table's turned and she was shopping 42 retreats future house that hasn't even been built yet wait Lelaina that's what are we looking upon choices very yeah but what are we looking for writing and then for the living room so why do mean their income I thought they have something for the kids furniture doesn't have an age limit she decided to focus on the living room and the dining room which Venice did not seem too happy with I am not having one to get that lining it with the discount I didn't table like chairs huh I found the lamp there isn't a lamp it's the lamp and I really wanted that lamp it was beautiful but assign them don't ya for the room little bit it's for anything Lavigne like that lamp too so she got another one I came here for myself not for the Doctor Who drawback so Wyatt why did you invite me here eleven I'm not even gonna have a preference of my stone I was disappointed in my own wall laughs I'm not finished yet we have to look around because your mommy needs new furniture she said well I thought that I had fun it was probably the worst shopping trip I've had in Lola now yeah I know I like that one Shannon hi oh my gosh hello there are you mazey so cute I'm having Korean food because the girls want to go to Korea weather so indicate Bob the kdrama yeah your hair is at the intranet yeah well it's already a trend so I'm not making it a truck I think if I use it it's not gonna fit me it's just really hot outside it's hot I know right and I can't deal with the weather anyways I heard you're doing your organizing a charity or something what's something I've always wanted to do you know please I have the roof a child foundation and I think I wouldn't I want to revive it I launched the roof a child foundation in 1998 and it was a time when I was very very busy with my life you know I had just won Miss World second princess and I felt so successful that I really wanted to give back thus the roof of child foundation was born I really want to do something you know for I've actually done that before with yeah Vanessa or something with a you know with children so maybe we can come up with something and do like a Paris fun run or a quieres charity thing doesn't have to be loofah child you know it could be you know under my foundation which is there with the child foundation but the whole family can practice here I really wanted to talk to Sarah about this and get her involved as well and I think we can do a joint project and just to get everyone involved it's such a great idea to have everyone in the family enjoying her foundation for a great cause everyone now is into fitness even if I haven't worked out in three weeks I got it so far and I wanted to make a fun run or I would love to the thing is I don't run I'm not sure about their marathon part if everybody would be game for that but it's a good idea you know what I have to do a charity Bazaar because I have so much clothes like seriously it's really to help underprivileged children it's to help them with schooling it's to put a roof on their heads we always try and give back because we're always so blessed and that's what I didn't phrase doing and she knows that if she needs me and char then we're always here for her I really want to do this I really want to get the family involved and now the planning should start that's the carousel another mother mother said you have build a showpiece you know she's the one but one producer right now mother Lily I had a meeting with the producer mother Lily and she also owns regal films she has produced hundreds of films that won multiple awards and she's a pillar in the entertainment industry I've heard that there's an offer for both of them to be legal when we got there I didn't really expect much I just thought while I was gonna have us have lunch with one of her friends which happens a lot and then they just started talking about like a movie and like showbiz and I was like whoa okay that escalated very quickly I don't know this mmm I like to this but I want to also make sure that it doesn't interfere with school I know you can be combined once a week or twice a week after your classes we will go for workshop I can guide pressure and aspect of who wants to enter showbiz I think it's really obvious that Venice's that's like her dream somebody actually wants to make a movie with me and that is such a big opportunity because it was my childhood dream we tried and I am on here your mouth and then your grandfather don't know Eddie very accurate I think my grandma wants us to join showbiz definitely because pretty much all of her kids have dabbled at least into showbiz you excited good I think that I'm willing to do smaller projects example shoots or commercials or like guest things things like that are easy because they only take like they only take a small portion of time but something like a movie which is what Lalo was suggesting that's just such a long-term project I think that Lola is gonna push for the movie and I would love to do a movie but if that interferes with my school then I don't think I can do it anymore I hopefully there's more projects to come but I hope that they will come at the right time very much yeah both come from the bloodline of eternity yeah okay the Gucci responded means a lot to us Hey after weeks of convincing me I'm finally here and for the very first time I agreed to run with bubbles it's my first time actually so are you ready we're just gonna do like a quick maybe three or five gay it's so gay that's like 30 minutes do you understand that I have a fear of running right like growing up I hated I hated running I don't feel the sports like I can try tennis I can try swimming I can try all these things I don't know why I think I had a fear as a kid because of PE class I grew up hating long-distance running so this is such a big moment for me so I know you're not like a running coach or anything like that but you've been running a while so I just want to know like you guys mentioned like proper form yeah cuz with me like writing is like putting one leg in front of the other yeah but what's like the proper soil it's basically that putting one leg in front of the other but you have to push off with the ball of your foot make sure that it's not the heel that strikes down and it's this one and then your hands will just go wherever just relax your shoulders just have to make sure your shoulders are down and you're relaxing your arms wait can they try it sort of like that yeah try to relax your arms like don't force the swinging already I felt a little bit awkward in the beginning just because I didn't know there are so many things to think about when you're running the way your foot lands the way you put your arms up the way you breathe and it was just so technical and I'm like this is a lot to handle right now so more the front of the feet yeah I'm enjoying it so far how is my form your form is tonight it's okay yeah that's you being nice coach again I'm sure he's gonna you know correct you but it's not gonna be over overnight for a beginner you're actually doing good because I remember my first I was like oh my god this is literally my first day to do this yes I wonder what's next let's see after today I don't know about that I mean that's kind of just like asking me for too much right now I just finished my first training session and RD she wants me to do a marathon I consulted with my phone so experts and they said that the house was not yet ready to move into but I had to sleep there on a certain night before ghost month I figured we have to have the house blessed and I feel that before sleeping there we have to have the priest come and make sure that the house has been blessed the Lord be with you to Christ the Lord it is the blessing house blessing various Millions one new thing all the stars are coming in already tomorrow we're gonna go shopping we're gonna buy the appliances and everything's gonna be great okay so what I want to know is how was your meeting Venice with mother Lizzie's usually mothers are always the first to know but in this case I was the last to know so I heard that she's offering you a movie is that true or she's thinking about it Michelle said that's the producer actually the daughter herself Monteverde actually Rosell and they want to see your personality if you can I was really shocked to hear about the news but I was excited at the same time so I asked the kids about it and they were just nonchalant about it I want to bring David though because I feel like David wants us more than marine I think Lori Nassif changes her mind you know what I actually I'm quite shocked with Loreen because marine has so many offers like so many brands and even Mickey Mouse like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck want to celebrate with her you know what she said mom I'm turning 14 not for after our blessing for a new house my mom decided to bring up the meeting which is like made me kind of uncomfortable because I still hadn't told anyone that I didn't actually want to do it I'm excited bring me to Reba bring me the mother Neely I want to I want to the thing with Loreen in Venice is one day they're very excited they want to do showbiz they love all the perks that go with it and then day they're like no mommy we don't want to do it we're focusing on our studies but I'm focusing on school first but on the sidelines and I have nothing to do just like like what I'm doing now nothing with packing my on I think I think yeah but you've got just film a movie whenever you want it's on your own schedule yeah exactly but like we can accept projects when we're on break yeah we can make a movie just out of money you don't affect my life so I can do whatever I want not you are so dramatic well now that summer vacation is over I would rather that my daughter's focus on their studies and they can probably do a cute nice movie during Christmas break calling mother Lily hello so right now it's back to school I want them to focus on their studies no internet no TV no projects and just school study school studies maybe on the weekends I think the Mon wants to meet up with you girls because he wants to have a very important conversation about what wait we will find out [Applause] chillin yeah I found out that Loreen in Venice had a meeting with big-time producer and close family friend mother Lily I heard that Lola wants both of you to enter show business she wants you to do a movie I'm not gonna say yes I already filtered no I don't think she gets it unless she's like like you know I like every chance do you like be in a movie do you want to try the movies so I think she wants to do it like secretly yeah I'm also noticing that the girls are being packaged together even if they have different interests I want to talk to you guys because I don't know if I want you to go the traditional show business around I mean the whole family has tried it but now it's a new generation and I'm not sure if movies is the proper route for you guys he was basically letting us know that he didn't think that we'd be suited for a movie which I agreed with and I let him know that I don't want to do showbiz so I'm thinking I don't know if you'll agree what if we do internet celebrities YouTube social media I already have social media and I do want to do YouTube but like I feel like I don't want to do it just for showbiz I want to do it just for fun because I don't want sure this I want a college finished college and like actually like there's something not related to do and I respect that and I and I love that you're saying that because I feel like you don't need to be stuck in whatever everyone else is doing yeah nowadays there's different types of celebrities it's no longer just doing movies so there's social media there's internet there's YouTube there's so many different platforms for people to engage with their followers okay what about this I have another idea since you guys seem to be a little confused as to which direction to take what if I manage you guys he offered like to manage Venice and I you know why because a lot of my friends have asked me to manage them but I feel like I don't have the time and you know it's very demanding but with you guys since it's not full-time maybe I can maybe it's my first foray into managing artists doesn't have to be showbiz it could be anything it could be branded content it could be social media it could be event appearances it could be magazine covers it can be features it could be articles it could be collaborations it doesn't need to be show business I'm willing to do this for Laureen and Venice and see where this goes I trust you dream on but will he get me the stuff that I would like to do so what do you think of my idea I think mommy and how do you think they would react I would be fine with it like what if I'm not your soul manager I just feel like you're very busy you don't have time for us I am very busy exactly I know that Venice is doubting that I'll have the time to manage them I don't like failing and I like the challenge so Venice I'm gonna take on this challenge and show you what I have okay shake on it this is an official business deal this is officially a business meeting next week when it takes guts to be the Cheras for the past four months I've been playing the role of Sandrine Oh even though I'm a villain people are still asking me for a picture and still rooting for me I took a break from producing events and this is gonna be my first major one few weeks ago I had a suspicion I had to keep my eyes on Sarah make sure that she was okay and she was feeling fine

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