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Welcome to Drinks Tube I’m Omar Allibhoy and I’m here to tell you why Spanish wines are the best. This is wine wars! Spanish wine, it’s the killer. Spain is just full of vineyards. It has more area covered than any other country in the world, with over 3 million acres. We make some of the best wines imaginable, and I want to share with you my personal favourites. So first up red wine, or as we call it Spain Vino Tinto. I’ve chosen this to represent my country which comes from Alicante, Eastern Spain. Blackcurrents, blackberries, really fruity. Lots of spices, chocolate, this is the wine that my generation brings. I can see myself in a little bodega in Madrid where I come from, having one or two of these with my friends, with some lamb, some tapas to share. And probably as well it could even go very very well with shellfish, which is unusual. If you’re familiar with Cabernet Sauvignon I would recommend you to get a bit adventurous and try this. This young but full bodied wine will go very well with meaty flavours and if you’re in to cooking I recommend you to try my potato and chorizo stew, clicking over here. Ladies this one is for you. Let me introduce to you El Novio Perfecto, the perfect boyfriend. This one is very seductive on the nose. So floral, tastes like jasmine reminds me of Thailand for a second, even though it is from Spain. Very citrusy, it’s half dry so it’s slightly sweet. So it makes the perfect wine to share tapas and combine different flavours whether it is meat, vegetable or fish. I can see myself in Valencia where it comes from, with my friends sharing some tapas laying on the beach with the sun high, difficult to describe! This one is for the riesling lovers, it has a lot of similarities yet a complete different complexity. To represent my home country I have chosen this rosa wine, rosado. You can go to lots of extremes with food and tapas, cheese, ham, deep-fried squid and with those red wines and white wines hardly ever match all of them. Rose wine tends to be the one that washes down all the mouthfuls and connects all the different flavours between each other, making it a very pleasurable sharing experience. This beautiful juice is made from garnacha, or as you know it as grenache. But it is a native Spanish variety, the French stole it! Lots of red berries, flavours, cherries, strawberries and it has a lot of acidity to the nose. One of the things that comes to my pallet is the caramel flavour. As well I can feel all the strawberries and very cinnamon aftertaste. The more french style rose which is more salmon in colour, subtle with loads of acidity but very smooth in flavours this is totally opposite. Very bold, intense in aromas, full of energy and very refreshing as well. It will go very well with spicy food, like beef skewers for example, or everything really it’s that good! So next time you are having wine try these, they are all amazing. Let me know what you think in the comment box below. If you have any favourite wine from your country, let us know and send us a picture. And don’t forget to put hashtag wine wars. If you want to watch French Guy Cooking Wine Wars video, click on the box over here. And don’t forget to subscribe to Drinks Tube. Cheers, Salute!

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  • To offer a better look into Spanish wine, Spain is currently one of the best value wine countries due to its abundant and saturated wine market. While France, America and Italy can be pretty pricey, countries like Argentina, Chile, Portugal and Spain are often go-to wines for buying in bulk because of their combined quality and pricing. Spanish wine runs varying flavor profiles and styles, offering one of the better varieties of the Mediterranean, and emphasizes bold flavors in their reds, and very bright complexity in their whites, while also toting a great specialty wine in Andalucia: Sherry.

    To be frank, it is one of my go to countries for wine because they taste great, don't hurt my wallet, and give me plenty of interesting ideas for cocktails, punches and recipes.

  • Se me hace casi imposible atender a las cosas tan interesantes que dices porque me distraen tus movimientos nerviosos!

  • yeah, spanish wines could be the best, but not from alicante… best places for wine is rioja and rivera del Duero, rias baixas or ruedas for white wine and some exceptions from other regions, but representing spanish wine with alicante… no please

  • The first one seems like something I would love! One of these days I'll have to go to the old google machines and see about ordering some somehow.

  • You want war? You will get one 🙂
    I'm sure Spanish wine are one of the best ones. Spain is the country with lot of sun that grapes really like. But if I may introduce you to a Croatian wines. Croatia has a great variety of wines because it is a country with continental and mediterranean climate. Lots of indigenous varietals like Plavac mali or Dingach are world renowned but not so well know. I think that has to change. Stop drinking bad wines and start a change with some Croatian, sun drenched, wines 😉

  • Omar, you have a very seductive way in which you present wines! 😉

    With your sparkling personality, it would be great to see you visit the areas where these wines are produced and show us the way how these wines are made. Please take your camera crew with you and show us the vineyards and countryside from where these wines originate, and how the grapes are harvested, and how they're turned into these fantastic wines. Show us the local people dining and enjoying the wines which are made in their neighbourhood. What dishes are local to the region from where these wines originate? What do the local people think of these wines? How do they use these wines in their day-to-day cookery?

    I guess you speak both English and Spanish fluently, which makes you the perfect host for modern YouTube-style wine videos. Keep up the good work! Thumbs up!

  • You must try another a good spanish wine called Gundian 2012,it´s an albariño white wine and named the best wine of 2012.Then here in Galicia we have another good and fresh wine Ribeiro,it´s white too.

  • Guys, let's be honest. Best wine is greek wine,
    specifically from an island called Samos. And in that island the best wine, in my opinion, is the sweet wine!

  • some coincidence that you are from spain and think that spain wines are the best..well,im from macedonia and say that italian wines are the best in europe.and i think i have more credibility in my opinion since im not italian hahah 😀 😀
    however,nice video and i love this channel

  • Spolit for choice here in Australia. I just made Omar's chorizo and potato stew and this matched beautifully with a bottle of "Vinoque Novo Tinto" – a Touriga/Tempranillo/Tinta Cao blend from the King Valley (Victoria). Sensational!

  • I’m Spanish (Basque) and Chilean. I hate wine 🙁 and I feel like it’s slap to the face of my family members and my ancestors.

  • It's not Mourvedre, it's Monastrell. The Monastrell grape is native from Spain, specifically of the spanish southeast (Murcia, Alicante) but was also exported to France, where it is known as "Mourvedre". It's like another spanish grape variety, Garnacha, but in french it's "Grenache"

  • Great! We also think that Spanish wine is very tasty. Certainly, we are proud of our Russian wine producer "Kuban-Vino" and can promise that it's the best:

  • There is a lot of variety of wines around Spain. Most of the foreing people thinks that Spain only a mediterranean country but, at the same time, it has a lot of wines from continental weather like albariño and bierzo wines. Recently, one of the Bierzo wines (Pajaro Rojo) has been rewarded with the 3rd position of the world best wines under 30 euros by James Suckling.
    There is a lot of complexity around this and that turns me on.

  • He's getting more animated and slurring his speech @2:42 "To hrheprrreeeshent mah hhchome cantryy" :-D…I do hope Omar didn't drive home after filming this!

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