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Welcome to Drinks Tube. I’m the French Guy
Cooking or should I say the French Guy Drinking, well perhaps. No i’m kidding it’s Alex the
French Guy Cooking and today I am telling you why French wine is the best. Not Argentinian wines I’m looking at you Felicitas, bring on the wine wars. This is wine wars. So in my opinion French wine is the best because obviously we have such a long history about wine making so we have many different types of wine and at the end wine is just part of
our culture. So first up, red wine, or as we call it in France, Vin Rouge. So to represent
France I have chosen this Saint Joseph from the northern reigon simply because I love
it. It’s robust it’s rich and it’s a spicy red. But at the same time it is smooth with
just a right bite to go with red meat. So it’s a little earthy, it has mineral notes
to it so this would be ideal with a rack of lamb you know, a slow cooked dish on a wintry night, nice and cosey. Next up, white wine, Vin Blanc, so this is
a Gewurtztraminer white wine which is coming from the Alsace region in Northern East France. You might associate this wine with Germany which might be wrong actually because it’s coming from
France. Don’t do that. There is no umlaut. You can smell lychees straight away oh because
these grapes share the same chemical aeroma compound. Well I didn’t know that until now.
It taste ls like tropical fruits and spices and it’s rich and it has a rounded finish.
So this wine would be perfect with Thai food or you know with spicy Chinese food to impress a hot date in a cool restaurant, or you know, at your place. Last one Rose or as we call
it in France, Rose. So this rose wine is coming from the beautiful island, Corsica located
in the very south of France. I can smell raspberries, rose heaps, peaches that’s a lot of pink. It’s dry and acidic but you can deffinitely feel some red berries in it. It’s refreshing
for sure. This wine is coming from Corsica the beautiful island in the south of France
and I think it makes sense because this goes so well with seafood. So next time you’re
enjoying a plate of seafood, try this one. So, next time you’re buying, please consider
this French wine because they are delicious. You can find them online, you can find them
in supermarkets and in restaurants too. So tell me what you think in the comments below
and send us some photo with you and some of your favourite wine from your country. Use
the hashtag wine wars on twitter, facebook and instagram. Felicitas did her wine wars
video so check her out by clicking there, or check out the link in the description right
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46 thoughts on “Is French Wine the Best in the World? | #WineWars | French Guy Cooking

  • Is French #wine 聽the best in the World?

    @French Guy Cooking聽says OUI!聽

    Which is your favourite wine? #WineWars

  • you simply can't beat french Syrah. It's impossible.

    PS: gewurztraminer (without the 眉) makes me giggle everytime 馃榾

  • Alex,, please make a video with Simone on DrinksTube. You guys both are the best.. Ever! 鉂も潳鉂も潳馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏

  • Ashtag WineUars XD
    I love this guy's enthousiasm. Though I don't usually drink wine, I would love to try the red and whites ones in this video after that description!

  • I 100% guarantee that I couldn't smell or taste any of those flavors and I'm positive that wines from everywhere taste pretty much the same, but this guy is a lot of fun to watch! I'd definitely let him pour me some to taste and pretend like I agree with everything he says just cause he's so excited about it 馃槈

  • The best wines I've tried so far are French, from the oldest wine area of Bourgogne. Pin么t Noir, Chardonnay 馃榾 My favorite districts are Chablis, C么te de Beaune & Beaujolais 馃榾 And there is nothing wrong with the wines from Alsace or the champagnes from Champagne 馃榾

  • I wonder if this guy has any reason to be biased, hmmmmmm. Also to imply that this is anything other than a matter of opinion is retarded

  • i'm sitting here drinking my Montepulciano d'Abruzzo (from a local winer- i'm 100% italian) and to be honest, i'm cool with our wine 馃檪 As long as the mood is right and i need to relax 馃檪

  • i love wine, and i HATE french wine. tried so many so called great french wines, they are all fucking weak compared to spanish and italian wines in my taste. french wine has no power, it isnt full, heavy and has no body, its like buttery, and not fruity at all. i bet there are good french wines, but there are much more great lowcost spanish or italian wines. heck, even we germans have wine that wipes the floor with some of the "great" french ones. just try a nice portugieser or a wei脽herbst from the ahr and dont get blinded by fancy names.

  • My 2 cents worth:
    -Wine isn't only part of the French culture.
    -French wine is usually at one of the extremes, either excellent or some of the worst product passed off as "wine" I ever had.
    -Its quality is inconsistent
    -It is generally not good value for money, you end up paying way more for moderate quality
    -They do have the investment and passion for producing wine, and are definitely in the top 5 countries (if there ever was a list)
    -They produce very good expensive wines that are best aged BUT…
    -Other countries such as the USA, Australia, Chile and New Zealand provide more fruit聽 and better mouth feel for cheaper, with the acidic complexities and softer tannins that you could really only get from spending more for in France.
    -France is best at the spicer, more complex and complicated wines, but that is at the higher price range.

  • Of course, french wines are the best in the world, there is no question about that ! Try a good bourgogne and you are in heaven . Italian wines are to strong for me, they lack subtility, finesse.

  • The best wine is the wine you like to drink. You want best wine, come to Georgia. We have a culture where the grape vine, family, and friends are what make life worth living. Georgia is the Origin of wine, and the grape vine. The Georgian Saint Nino's cross is made from the wood of the grape vine. Georgians were making wine in the neolithic period over 8000 years ago, so i don't want to hear about how the French invented wine.

  • Ooh !! Il me vend du r锚ve ce gar莽on… Il cuisine, il aime le bon vin, il est charmant, souriant.. "Ouulala !"
    Are you looking for a girlfriend? Hummm… Obviously impossible 馃槈

  • You can compare french wine with anything, because you really know that chilean wine is the best in the universe. Argentinan wines? I think you missed the right side of southamerica bro!

  • Best wines are from Spain. Did you know that France is still being capable of producing wine because Spain saved them from the philoxera epidemic in 1861? Did you know that quality control in Spain is far superior with "Denominaciones de origen" who doesn't allow to mix wines or even grapes from abroad the producer region as opposite as France does? Did you know that any Denominaci贸n de Origen 20鈧 wine bottle beats any 120 鈧 french wine? But one thing is true, we are by far less good at marketing strategies.

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