Is Asian Glow Real?

– So, a couple of days ago I was catching up with
a friend over drinks. We were sitting down chatting, and I turn to order
another beer, when he said, “Are you sure dude? “Don’t you glow?” And I was like, “Glow? “What the hell you talking about?” And he said, “You know, “well, when Asian people drink “their faces get red. “You know, Asian glow.” But I didn’t know. What was this Asian
glow he’s talking about? And why did he think I had it? And finally, is it actually a real thing? (“Ergo”) So, to start my quest, I took the question to the streets of LA. So, do you guys know what Asian glow is? – Have no clue. – No. – I never seen it. – A lot of my peers were Asian, and they refused to drink because they were embarrassed because their faces would get very red. – Well, I tend to get red very quickly. It’s normal, even if I’m not drunk yet. – Is this real, though? – She was right. I still had my doubts too. So, I called in some of
my fellow Asian co-workers to help me out. OK, Carol, so do you
know what Asian glow is? – I know Asian glow very well. I turn all red. It’s not even just my face. My whole body just turns red. – It just became a part of my life. And I accepted it. – It takes me about
three shots to get drunk. And then maybe like one
shot to get Asian glow. – Do you feel sick along with the a– – My heart starts beating
faster, or like harder. And just like really hot
and uncomfortable and dizzy. – That sounds delightful. – It makes me pretty sleepy. And you can’t party when you’re sleepy. – How would you say it effects
you in a social aspect? – I think as you get older
you don’t really care anymore. – I don’t drink,
normally, because of this. – People just think you’re an alcoholic. – Since you do get Asian glow, would you mind perhaps
showing me that you get– – Sure. – I got you a Smirnoff Ice.
– [Carol] Thank you. – A popular party drink among the kids. So, as Carol downed her Smirnoff Ice, Kane and Weston took a shot of tequila. Delicious. And then it happened, 15 minutes later all three of them bloomed bright red right before my eyes. – [Carol] Surprise. My
stomach gets really red too. – Um– – Don’t you act like
I’m a monster! (laughs) – I’m just amazed that
it’s actually happening. This is a real thing. I can’t believe it. – It’s super real. But it’s like I’m not drunk at all. – Is this something you probably wish there was like a cure all for? Like go to Walgreens and you get a shot and you don’t get Asian
glow for that whole year. – For the whole year? That’d be great! – Would it actually just turn my stomach into that of a white person’s and then I’ll be able to eat all the cheese I want to? I don’t know. – I don’t think it’ll turn you into a white person, necessarily. – [Carol] Phew. – Yeah, wouldn’t it suck to be white? – (laughing) Oh fuck that shit. – And as I looked at my
newly red colleagues, I accepted it. This is a real thing. So, I thought it’d be
best to call in an expert. – What causes Asian glow is a build up of a toxic metabolite of alcohol. Probably about 50% of Asians turn red. You drink alcohol, it gets broken down into a toxic substance
called acetaldehyde. And that’s what causes flushing. It can also cause fast heart rate. It can cause nausea. It gives you headaches. So, that’s bad stuff. In Asians, they have a problem because they can’t get rid of this. So, they have an enzyme
that actually is maybe 50 times more effective at
getting rid of the alcohol and turning it into this toxic substance. – And is that what makes us red? – It makes you red and
gives you the other things. So, they don’t really
get so much of a buzz, but they have all the toxins and so they get all
the side effects of it. – Is there anything you
could do to mitigate this? Is there a cure? – My best advice as a
physician is don’t drink. If you feel like you have to drink, then you can try histamine blockers. And that would be
commonly known as Pepcid. – And there’s nothing
dangerous about Pepcid? – Yeah, it really inactivates
one of the enzymes that breaks down the alcohol. – Basically, the doc is saying that Pepcid makes you
drunker than you should be based on the amount you’ve drank, which was good enough
of a green light for me. So, I picked up some Pepcid and tried it on the only person
that would agree to do it. – This is Pepcid Complete. (“Ergo”) – And just as strangely
as the glow appeared, the glow failed to appear
with the use of Pepcid. Although it doesn’t work for everybody, for Kane, Pepcid definitely worked. So, it does work for some people. There are solutions out there. Or is the real take away, you are gonna still have this, and you’re not gonna always have that, so it may eventually come to the point where you just embrace you
are a part of something that a lot of people have. – Yeah, and you don’t
have to drink, either. – So, the next time you go to a bar and you see a stranger
with an unusually red face, just remember, it’s normal. And if you do get Asian glow, don’t be embarrassed, be proud. There’s a lot more of you than you think. Cheers. (“Ergo”)

100 thoughts on “Is Asian Glow Real?

  • My Asian glow is HELLA REAL. And honestly, idgaf.

    People literally ask me "omg Jason are you okay!?" ALL THE TIME, and I just say "yeah I Asian glow really hard."

    OWN IT LADIES!!!! 💪🏼

  • the worst part about it is you don't even get drunk

    the alcohol like goes by you and you're left with the feeling if you drank fifty beers

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  • Asian glow means that your body is telling you to stop drinking because there is a build up of acetaldehyde.

    "Liver cancer is mainly an Asian disease, and is common in South-East Asia, China, Japan and Korea." – NCCS

    "The three main causative factors for liver cancer are hepatitis B carrier status, hepatitis C infection and ALCOHOLIC liver disease. Other rare causes include poisons (aflatoxin) from fungus growing in badly preserved food (especially grains), CONGENITAL conditions (alpha-1 anti-trypsin deficiency), and any cause of liver hardening or cirrhosis (e.g. haemachromatosis)."

    Most East Asians do not realize that they should not drink alcohol because their body cannot efficiently breakdown acetaldehyde accumulated through drinking.

    If a person suffer from alcohol flush, he should reduce or stop the intake of alcohol.
    "Since the mutation is a genetic issue, there is no cure for the flush reaction. … Prevention would include not drinking alcohol." –

    In other words, some East Asians who have the Asian flush should stop drinking alcohol and try not to imitate their western colleagues.

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  • i'm not sure if i get red or not, nobody has never mentioned to me, but my hands do actually and my face feels burning and it tickles wtf

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  • That guy looked like he was fuckin' stoked to have a way to drink without getting immediately getting fucked up

  • this is really weird. here in the Philippines, this "asian glow" thingy isnt even talked about.
    because its just normal hahaha and now I find out that it does not go the same way for non asian. hahaha it really is a big world.
    sorry for my english ahahha

  • Asian Glow is the main reason, why I don't able to hangouts with my friends. Because some of asians people are not having this.

  • Glow? The stereotype is we glow and can't drink. Great! At the same time, guys love to take advantage of Asian women. Funny. From my personal exprience, people tend to judge me more harshly on nights out even though my behavior was pretty chill. Over the decades, I realized it's because I'm Asian, and we are perceived to be lightweights. People judge people based on skin color. Drunkness, I realized, is not an objective standard. They do that with Asians when we had a few drinks. It's as if the mainstream are looking for excuses to puT us back in the yellow peril opium hut creeper mold. Here's a question. When a black guy has a few drinks, what's the general reaction? 😕

  • I get it sometimes and sometimes I don’t it’s really weird. Sometimes I’ll turn really pale and other times it looks like I got chicken pox on my arms. Lol I just slowly start drinking… I take it slow and when I feel like I passed a certain level and I’m not crazy red then I feel like I passed for the night (it’s weird) . I notice when I drink clear drinks it’s worse. I’m a beer drinker

  • I'm mixed and super pale and get the glow to the point where I put significantly more makeup to hide it if I know I'll be drinking

  • In China whenever we tell a friend to slow down we say
    Basically "You're getting red"
    apparently​ thats the asian glow

  • Ranitidine is the answer! Totally gets rid of effects of Asian glow. Take x2 150mg tablets and you are good to go!

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  • Is Asian glow real? Definitely. I don’t understand why it embarrasses people, it looks cute since it reminds me of blush.


  • This happens to me everyday & I'm not even Asian nor do I drink & I'm pale white its quite humiliating….😖😖 so i completely understand what you guys go through!

  • My grandfather was Chinese, from Surinam. Never knew him. I also have eczema. I turn like red x2. It also makes my eczema flare up real bad. I should stop drinking lol.

  • I'm Asian too…and I just found out about this because of this video… Thanks… But its kinda good coz NATURAL BLUSHER!!!!

  • I am only a quarter Asian, but still experience this to its full-blown beetrooty extent. Thanks dad.

  • I 100% have the Asian glow, which is sad, cause i love alcohol. Recently, I drank maybe half a glass of wine, and immediately my face was burning up and incredibly red.

  • I just got that Asian glow. It's super strange. I had a bottle of apple cider than went to snore for a while. When I woke up I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and splash water on my face. When I looked in the mirror I saw my cheeks be so red and my chest covered with lots of red spots. Then I remembered this video and realized I had an Asian glow. I don't know if that happened before (if that ever happened, I was probably drunk as hell). Super strange. And hot.

  • Every time I drink I turn red. Literally a sip of alcohol will make me red. I’ve always been told it’s because I’m native.

  • I'm only 1/4 Japanese and I get it bad. I do only drink a few times per decade but not just because of this, I simply don't get anything good out of alcohol. Besides a red eyes and red blotchy body (especially where I have a scar) breathing becomes much more difficult and I get hot. It only takes 1 drink to do it. I Should make a video showing it.

  • Ryan is half mexican, so it makes sense that he doesn't have Asian glow. That being said, not all Asians have it.

  • This was a really great video! :)..but i have too point out one thing, just because some people do not get asian flush, does not mean they can still metabolize alcohol as well as others, meaning it can be just as dangerous if not more too drink alcohol and not be aware of the problem, thats why asian flush is a good indication as you know your body responses too it poorly, but for people who dont show that symptom they have no way too tell then too find out with a DNA test or when all is lost and the liver starts failing rapidly, etc. so let me give you an example, a long time ago i came down with a blood infection, i didnt know how, but it made me throw up sooo much… I went to the hospital, got some cat scans, etc. and they kept me for three days, so we had just presumed it just happened from an infection i had that just reached my blood stream, i mean that sorta thing can happen, but besides the point, they saw my liver had started to get some fat and may i add i have barely drank any alchol in my life, but it turns out it can really hurt my liver if i was an alcoholic, so be careful people, its not always fun and games out in that club, lol, if youd like a DNA is always a good idea, it showed me i had genes for poor alcohol metabolism and i was just one of the weird white guys to inherit that from an asian ancestor.

  • I do not understand why alcohol intolerance is not treated the same as food allergies like lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance…

  • So the ratio is 50 50 huh, I didn't really know I get that part of gene before, I never had it when I was drinking until one day I just finished a can of beer and my face and my body is like allergy red, and my mom told me my dad has that so it's normal. But strange thing is it pops out sometimes not always, I might get red but like normal red not the allergy red, I still couldn't figure out why, it just pops out randomly when I drink beer or shots, and sometimes it just not showing up

  • im not a person that drinks alcohol and yes im asian,but i do actually turn red if im feeling a bit like tingling-tingling feelings, for example shy, sometimes even cringe etc, other then that im that person who hates hot temperatures, and when i do feel heat, many people has said it to me "your face is soooooo red"

    but yeah, im proud of it, i dont rlly think its a bad thing, well thats just my opinion 😉

  • Does this not also happen to caucasians too? I have seen the same thing happen to caucasians who drink alcohol too.

  • Not real but IMAGINE:
    Non-Asian person: "Go Asian Glow."
    Asian person: grabs alcohol and drink
    Doesn't work and doesn't turn red.
    Asian Person: "What am I?"

  • Non-Asian Person: "Are you Asian?"
    Not-Asian-Looking Asian Person: drinks alcohol
    Also Not-Asian-Looking Asian Person: "Surprise motherfuckers!"

  • Im Caucasian and i get this as well. So does my mum and one of my sisters.
    For them its just red warm face/cheeks.
    For me it extends a bit.. my chest and shoulders get red and it can even become itchy.

  • I never knew this existed until I started drinking with other asian people. My dad drinks all the time and never gets asian glow. I also drink but don’t get asian glow. But I notice others get bright red lol.

  • thought it wouldn’t happen to me since i am mixed(mostly Vietnamese) and i drank wine in Spain and i was really red lmao

  • Maybe not drinking alcohol is the reason Asians have evolved to have a higher IQ than other ethnicities. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

  • I have it really bad. One bottle of beer, I’m not drunk but I’m red as a lobster and it looks like I have a rash all over my arms😫

  • 맥주 500만 마셔도 터질듯한 활화산이되는 ㅈ같은 체질의 남자로써 영상보고 펩시드 컴플리트구매해봤다.

    1주일뒤 후기남긴다 제발!

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