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today we are making another potato dish I know guys I’ve been doing a lot
of potato recipes lately I´m just on a potato kick right now they’re so good
but the dish we are making today promises to be one of the best ones yet
Spanish potatoes with brandy and garlic oh my word
ahy my palabra okay we don’t say that in Spain but seriously guys these
potatoes have an insane flavor to them let me tell you that brandy adds such a
beautiful sweet flavor to them plus this recipe is very easy to make
and it’s all done in a little over 30 minutes now to make this dish I’m gonna
be using some Spanish brandy but you can use whatever type of brandy that you like
and also make sure that you use a good-quality extra virgin olive oil
guys this is the flavor base of this dish very important for this recipe I’m using an
extra virgin Spanish olive oil from the Georgetown olive oil company this is
their picual extra virgin Spanish olive oil now the picual olive
which is native to here in Spain has a very aromatic and intense flavor making
this the ideal olive oil for this recipe guys trust me on this one this is one of
the best extra virgin Spanish oils in the market get yourself a bottle of this link
in the description box below we’re gonna begin by peeling 2 medium sized yukon
gold potatoes then we’re gonna rinse them under some cold running water and
pat them completely dry and when I’m peeling my potatoes I always like to
have a bowl underneath just for an easy clean up once you have all your potatoes patted dry
let´s start cutting them I’m gonna begin by cutting a couple slits on each
corner this is just gonna give us kind of like a rectangle design that way each
piece of potato is evenly sized then I’m gonna cut the potato in half cut each
half in half to end up four evenly sized quarters and then from each quarter I’m
gonna cut about three pieces of potatoes they’re about three quarters of an inch
thick once you have all your potatoes cut let’s add them into a saucepan fill
it in with some cold water you wanna go to about half an inch above the
potatoes and we’re gonna heat this with a high heat okay guys while our potatoes
are boiling I’m gonna grab three cloves of garlic
and thinly slice them as you guys know I always like to have a paper towel
underneath when I’m working with garlic for an easy clean up next up we’re gonna wrap a generous
handful of some fresh parsley and finely chop it and we should end up with about
a quarter cup of freshly chopped parsley and for the last ingredient to prepare
I’m gonna reserve 1/3 cup of Spanish brandy okay guys let’s move back to our
potatoes we’ve been boiling these for exactly 20 minutes now the secret to
this dish is you want the potatoes to fully cook through but still be
al dente you don’t want to be mushy the best way to do this guys to find out
if they have the right texture just grab one of them pierce it with a toothpick if it
easily goes in but it’s not mushy these are ready to go let’s go ahead and
remove this from the heat and I’m gonna drain the water through a sieve and give
it a gentle shake to get rid of any of that excess water once you have your
potatoes drained let’s move on to the last step of this recipe let’s heat a
nonstick fry pan with a medium high heat and I’m gonna add in a generous two
tablespoons of this georgetown olive oil picual extra virgin olive oil after heating
the extra virgin olive oil exactly for one minute you don’t wanna go any
longer that way it doesn’t lose its flavor let’s start adding the potatoes one by
one into the pan about two minutes after adding the
potatoes into the pan let’s give them a quick flip look at that beautiful light golden color now the reason why we boiled our potatoes before
we fried them is that way that extra-virgin olive oil and that brandy we’re gonna add
later on is gonna absorb into those potatoes giving them a beautiful texture
and the most incredible flavor okay guys it’s been a total of four minutes since
we added the potatoes into the pan and 2 minutes since we flipped them at this
point let’s add our slices of garlic in there just kind of gently mix them around
that way they’re bathing in that extra virgin olive oil and instantly you get
this incredible aroma of the garlic so good now this garlic at this heat is
gonna cook really quick so we’re only gonna go about 30 seconds 30 seconds
after adding in the garlic let´s add in our 1/3 cup of brandy careful guys
it is gonna jump season generously with sea salt freshly cracked black pepper and
our freshly chopped parsley let’s give this a quick mix
that way everything is evenly divided oh my gosh that smell that aroma coming out of that
brandy going into those potatoes is insanely delicious okay guys it’s been
about 90 seconds since we added the brandy into the pan all the alcohol has
burned off this dish is ready to go let’s go ahead and remove this from the
heat and transfer it into a dish seriously guys the aromas coming out of
this dish are insanely delicious let’s try one of the potatoes and see
how they turn out here we go seriously guys it’s such a beautiful explosion of
flavors that brandy really shines through that sweetness no alcohol
here we burned it all off combined with that aromaticc garlic so important to
not overcook that garlic the combination of everything the potatoes just melt in
your mouth what in incredible potato dish this is part of my potato addiction
guys what an incredible dish easy to make done in about 30 minutes
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