Interesting Facts About Wine

Fact Fever Interesting facts about wine you’ve never heard before Fact no: 10 Spain is the largest producer of white wine in the world Fact no: 09 Wine tour almost top disneyland Fact no: 08 Wine cork is not for smelling Fact no: 07 There is more than 10.000 varieties of wine grapes in the world Fact no: 06 Grapes may have made the first beer People used yeast from grapes to make the first beer Fact no: 05 Vatican city has the highest per capita wine consumpti0n Fact no: 04 Oenophobia is an intense fear or hatred of wine Fact no: 03 The word wine is mentioned 521 times in the bible Fact no: 02 Most modern european wines are derived from american wines Fact no: 01 The wreck of the titanic holds the oldest wine cellar in the world “Wine is sunlight, held together by water”-Galileo Thank you for watching

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