Hi Oh what is that Dustin SOOOOOUUUUEEEEEE!!! what up everybody it’s just dustin im
back with into the video now you guys must know by now how my videos work I
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for it now that did it been a long time coming there’s been something something
misses in my video something that you guys have been asking for got my boy Roary Raynor
on the camera where where is he I don’t see it where is there our season that
mean I got that back okay he’s back he’s going to be doing daily uploads from now
on on he channel slash Rory Brandon oh yeah goes back probably every
two weeks err you’re not daily uploading but but he’s a good guy he makes bangers
who do our bangers together we can’t go over to his channel hit that subscribe
button for me now one of my absolute favorite videos that I have ever made
ever I’m a voice actor when we did the crazy
is energy drink of the world disgusting let’s go let me go you guys haven’t seen
that video bandit is right there might have got a little bit a little bit crazy
at the same time a little bit fun given a lot of things with slime sauce
thinking how can I take some fun like that and combine it with something fun
like this did you guys know where I’m going with this right we are making the
world crazy and energy drink slime let’s get it started now obviously if
we’re going to make the world crazies energy drink lies we’re give me a whole
lot of energy drinks and I put one hand mother you don’t have last time you
remember half-lap diet where exactly oh it not built not like last time okay the
park mixer here we go what we’re gonna do next is my whole kitchen is wet
they’re coming still man what is wrong with you why do your nights look like a
dangerous thing I’m gonna visit my boy croissant got in my eye
comment down below if you got hit wet socks cuz I got wet bar mr. funk do this
on is what happened wireless you guys bring order but let’s just move on the
rest of video pics only guaranteed rings up okay I brought over a legendary
blender alright yes these in here we know well
this is the ologies blender stolen from the rest alternate I swear happy yeah
they’re not going to insist a really good blender let’s do this start you
open so why not just why not throw onto bronc juice and I may have already been
drinking a little bit before this what kind of that this is my favorite red
bull bull tropical rebel rebel command serious off alone Grand Rapids sometimes
that means I don’t get it like I do these videos I always put you in and you
never sponsor me yeah one more what what do you do it I’m talking about oh right
well if you guys watching anybody watching me now we’re going to finish
off this rebel TV twist doesn’t sound delicious
that’s pretty good ooh that’s not good chopper looks real good gold monster
strong cross Red Bull has got Neymar I think that’s the wrong jerseys oh
because he’s off PSG now Neymar jr. don’t even try it
good throw a little Neymar in there we can’t forget about the big normal Red
Bull all right through done with the rebel
let’s move on the monster well I mean we kind of started with one of the monsters
it was blue red and why I thought it was Red Bull huh I still love you grump
we got sponsors first now we start with the classic
I love that most ultra blue often the red they go to Reggie looks weird angry
we got the red race nice just don’t gold videos back why do I do I’m sorry
this is probably the most potent air drink out there this stuff is insane we
got not guys don’t know what not to be ever seen the fast and furious you know
when they push that button on the card it goes that’s what this stuff is named after
this it literally I canister in the can’t Roper Castro’s
cancer the Canada Oh Holy Smoke what the actual heck just happened here you’re
not going to survive tonight do not shake not energy drink because it’s not
too much not too much not too much that actual fuel they put in cars not here I
stop too much Dave it’s the strongest we gotta put the most as concerning as that
was let’s keep going now firstly right big energy I think up so we got to cross
that safety kids Nescafe Starbucks is much better he probably the most
strongest is 5-hour energy I take this before football games sometimes get
myself energy probably not good that wasn’t good idea that smells like
medicine at the literary culture strictly for Zach I know what he’s
thinking this is not healthy enough boom I never get this read we got our v8
energy put those new lines I’ve con helado so that’s it all of these energy
drinks are in and we got our drinks time to blend it up all right go ahead and say they smell
better individually on their own last time we stopped here but this time we
are going to go much further than that now we got to make this bad boy into
some slime any other probably wondering how the heck are we going to making
worlds crazy energy drinks into edible slime we can’t use glue we sure as heck
can’t use borax so instead I got something special we got
Metamucil now you guys don’t know what Metamucil is or what it’s used for go
ask somebody you know that has constipation problems it’s like it’s
like extreme fiber okay this is like that daily diet times a hundred your
mini reads this is like mini read times 20,000 is when you mix it with the
liquid base into my god a slimy putty look at our bowl y’all we gotta get to
full stomach good half a knife around this is where you get rid of the broth
you can use anything at the gain finality bail out bail out bail out even
leave a plant normally you’d only take a little bit we’re literally throwing in
like a year’s worth of fiber here Oh God probably I get oh there you go exactly
we’re going to get somewhere we’ll be right back really thick now possibly is
too big let’s put in the microwave well what do you waiter will you wear that
just know that’s a don’t start that bye that’s a metal ball don’t blow up your
nice new house we’re gonna put it in a different Bowl thing is a microwave not
as fun as the other microwave no it’s not as reactive to therefore our dinner
on time Oh magma oh I’m impressed
oh I can reach Davin I’ll pick up that’s a Louisville look nothing the volt
okay we’re glad that’s cool for a little bit and we’re gonna give a little bit of
a taste we talk much you can gone through long back so nicely like buddies
you guys won’t worry to try this out of game we’ll be back in minutes oh I so
long to be with Zach you’re not going to try and pay until I’m trying and you
want to see what happens first more no no this kind of reminds me of gummy you
guys know I like gummy anyways here we go oh my okay have a left No so I sold it
Oh a guy don’t know if you remember what happened last time but it took a little
while so we’re going to give Dustin a couple of minutes to digest so you guys
a couple minutes it’s been a couple of minutes I am not totally sure it’s
working Dustin’s just over there actually what are you doing what what
are you 20 to be so good to guests that’s it it feels right did you can get
these do they calm down it’s not a flat black one but I feel a little good okay
yeah hi am i yeah no I’m good I might have booked too soon I think something
yeah something’s going on here yeah yeah we’re good that’s weird
what what what are you doing are you busy
oh that’s it calm down oh I was done this before oh yeah are
you insane to talk here they know I’m in closure
dude what a hot I’m actually I’m actually pretty cool myself dude
the freezer I’m just going to search the AC yeah or what are we on your arm look
pick it up – nobody – come on come on me 20 quid Dustin what are you doing man
I honestly lost it kill the car MacGuffin that’s my car is not working
man I can’t there’s no gas the car the car the turn on the car I’m
pretty sure it’s broken down no it’s not look press the gas where do I go nowhere
what are you doing you’re insane that’s it you lost your mind we’re gonna
make it have you lost your mind no no yes I got
it I got power yeah you know we’re here we’re here
look we’re here Jim you ready workout yeah yeah you’re ready to workout you’re
ready to workout here we go God changed shirt let’s do this ah what is that what is that lesson
you’re really sweating you okay hold on for how long like hour
let’s do this you probably know oh dude oh not even anything there
Walden have the courage to show off this time it’ll be back though don’t worry
are you good man huh pretty solid zombie tell you do it your furnace yeah let me
crash listen well listen Uranus boom boom make sure you guys to watch my
other latest videos subscribe to more doesn’t contracted Rory greener and you
guys who win itself an iPhone 7 this is Roary Raynor right here oh yeah guys know I
always like to leave on a high note


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