Improve your English by Exercising and Drinking Alcohol!!!

What’s the connection between exercise
and learning English effectively? Over the years lots of research has been done
into the best ways to learn English one recent study found that if you exercise
and learn new vocabulary at the same time you’re more likely to remember those new
words. So, go grab your gym clothes and we’ll give this a go! Okay. Repeat after me have you ever eaten insects? Have you ever exercised to English? Now over to you!!! Great work! Keep going! You’ve got this! Come on push out that present perfect
harder! If exercise is too much like
hard work to you then this study you might find more appealing. This research
was done in the 1970s and they found out that if they gave students some alcohol
and in this case it was Martinis – you know the James Bond film shaken not
stirred – that these students would improve their pronunciation in a second
language. But and now this is a big but if they continue to drink past two
standard drinks then their pronunciation skills would decrease. Mmm I think I
might give this a go with my Thai pronunciation skills. So, I’m gonna read
three tongue twisters now. Then I’m gonna go to the pub. Have two beers and read
them again and this way we’ll find out if my pronunciation skills improved due
to alcoho.l Okay are you ready for some Thai? I hate tones. To the pub! Alright. So, I’ve had a beer. Let’s see if
my pronunciation improves like from the research? So we’ll have to ask a Thai person to see.. is it really better to drink alcohol and speak a second language. I think the results are inconclusive. I’m going to have to
keep researching hmm to sum up. Research shows us ways in which we can improve
our English language learning and a lot of research is connected to memory.
Memory can be seen as the fifth skill when learning a language. You have your
speaking reading listening and writing but underneath all of that there’s
memory. So, in this series we’re going to look at different memory techniques that
will help you improve your English. We’ll focus on things like the key word
technique, memory palaces and skeleton stories. Oh. One more thing you might have noticed these t-shirts. They represent different
kinds of language learners who have problems with English. This one’s Chen and
he’s from China he represents writing and he always always gets 5.5 in the IELTS writing test. No matter how many practice essays he does. Remember to sledgehammer that subscribe button. Hit that bell for reminders. And most
importantly start smashing English language barriers today

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