I Let My Vampire Boyfriend Drink My Blood

I think the one is a conduit energy we can fill the energy tingling all around our body it's really intense awareness by drinking a 48 year old Michael Wacha male or Ravan as he's better known in the blood-sucking community is a self-proclaimed vampire who believes drinking human blood gives him vitality it was during a very intense sexual act that blood was drawn and touched my lips at that point it was just an awakening something inside my mind and spirit well though his friends Blut who's 28 has been entranced by the vampire community since she was a little girl I first became interested in vampires when I was about seven or eight I found a book that my sister owned and that kind of got the wheels in my head turning and I kind of molded over a lot and decided that it wasn't the vampire I wanted to be it was the quote-unquote prey flute is what's known as a Black Swan a willing blood donor both her and Raven are part of a thriving underground vampire scene in Houston Texas we find people that alike and we enjoy who are willing to share with us by whatever means either by sex by blood by ritualistic practice for me being a Black Swan is really more tying in my suggestive size it is a way that I serve and that I enjoy serving a dominant in that manner sometimes it's a little bit like when you get the shiver all the way up your spine because it's actually very pleasurable as well flute now travels up to 250 miles several times a year from her home in Shreveport Louisiana to Houston to let Raven suck her blood first off you want to make sure that a scalpel that you're using is sterilized we use alcohol and tea tree oil to cleanse and disinfect the skin some people prefer to use their fingers generally Michael and I he does lick and suck it off my absolute favorite way is a Chinese cupping set it has a shallow bowl on one end and a suction on the other and you press the suction over a cut and it will draw the blood through the cut by the power of the suction right now our fly really high it's not a sexual pleasure it's just like getting a good new salon it's just very relaxing on a deep level but the practice doesn't come without dangers so of course there's the risk of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases but with risk management it is a lot less than most people would even think just don't donate to just anybody a lot of people think that it's oh I'm a free buffet Blut and Raven want the wider public to open their minds and mouths to the blood curdling subculture the socially vampires the Dracula wildlife and other such they haven't given that parts of that rocks they humanized the vampire with the swung there's a passion there's love there's an understanding and that powerful mix of relationship and sacrifice and human bonding in connection with another person if there are people who are out there and are interested actually do your research get your proper tools and make sure to sterilize skin and scalpels and don't fear us we're not scary delicious

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