How to Pronounce Champagne? STOP Saying it Wrong!

This is Julien, the French winemaking guy
who makes wine videos here on YouTube. Yes, wine videos! We are looking at how to pronounce, with a
genuine French accent the name of the most famous of all sparkling wines in the world,
perhaps the most famous of all wine types in fact. We are looking at why you should stop pronouncing
it like so many do: Champaign. First, you must know that the word Champagne
corresponds to a style of wine, but before that Champagne is a region in France, not
far from Paris, just about an hour to an hour and a half outside of the French capital city. Champagne is a very protected word that cannot
be used for anything else than for French sparkling wine made using a specific winemaking
method in the Champagne wine region of France itself. Anything else called Champagne is considered
a fraud or a fake. Champagne is like a trademark if you wish. There are only a handful of wineries outside
of France’s Champagne region who use the term Champagne on their label, and they’re
mainly in California where you might find the term California Champagne. So how do you pronounce this protected trademark
of a French wine name? As far as English-speaking countries are concerned,
there is mainly going to be two pronunciations. The American or British pronunciation of it,
which is pretty much the same thing: Champagne. Champagne. You’ll hear many pop songs or rap songs
using the word Champagne, like Meghan Trainor’s famous ‘Champagne Problems’. Now of course this pronunciation is perfectly
fine. You can use it and say Champagne like everyone
does. My only problem with it, and perhaps this
is because I am French, is that I find it a shame there is the sound Pain in Champagne. So if you want to associate Champagne with
pleasure rather than pain, you can use the French-sounding pronunciation which is Champagne. ChamPAgne. For the absolutely typical French pronunciation,
like the French would say it in a café in Paris for example, say: Champagne. ‘A Glass of Champagne s’il vous plait.’ If you enjoyed this video, I suggest you stick
around and watch how to pronounce Moet & Chandon, and why you should say it this way, because
it’s really one Champagne wine you should know the correct pronunciation off. I’ll leave you to it. Give this video a quick thumb up before you
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more about your vino. And I will see you soon, in the wonderful
world of wine… Cheers. Santé!

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