How to Pronounce Canard Duchêne? French Champagne Wine Pronunciation

This is Julien, the french winemaking guy
who makes wine videos here on YouTube, yes wine videos! We are looking at how to pronounce the name
of this famous French Champagne house founded 1868 when a barrel-maker called Victor Canard
met a winemaker called Léonie Duchene, and they madly fell in love with each other, and
got married. A beautiful love story is behind the foundation
of Canard Duchene Champagne house. Canard Duchene belonged to the LVMH, the Louis
Vuitton Moet hennessy, together with Veuve Clicquot, this big luxury French group, between
1978 and 2003 when it was taken over by another Champagne group called Champagne Thiénot. So Canard Duchene now belongs to Champagne
Thiénot. So how do you go about pronouncing the name
of Canard Duchene. Well first, CA NAR. Do not pronounce the D at the end of Canard,
it is silent in French. Canar. You can say CanarD but that’s not very correct. Just say CANAR. And then DU Chene. Duchene. the typical french pronunciation: Champagne
Canard Duchene. Champagne Canard Duchene. If you can say the French R, say Canard Duchene,
Canard Duchene. Or simply, Champagne Canard Duchene. I hope this video was useful. If it was, give it a quick thumb up before
you go to support my work, and I will see you soon in the wonderful world of wine. Au revoir! Bye bye…

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