How to Pour a Perfect Draft Beer – Bar Rescue, Season 4

How’s everybody doing
this afternoon? Both:
Good. From what I’ve heard
about the recon, these guys lack the basic bartending skills
to get this done.These guys have spent
enough time
making mistakes
pouring beers,
pouring Andrea’s money
down the drain.
So, they’re going to have
to start from the beginning and relearn things
like draft beer pouring. From what I’ve been told,
there was a lot of waste
last night, and that’s not something
that we want. That’s the reason
you’re in the position – you’re in.
– Yeah. The first thing
you want to start with
is a beer clean glass. That will allow the beer to give you a nice, even
one-inch standing head. Start from the bottom
of the tap handle, not the top.You want to hold your glassat a 30-degree angle.You do not want
to touch the nozzle, and as the beer fills,
you’re going to slowly straighten the glass,
allow that head to settle.With a proper pour,you should be
at exactly one inch. That serves many purposes.
The first thing is aromatics.It opens up the smell
of the beer.
It’s also for profit as well,
because that foam
is approximately 25% beer.Now, we’re going to see
how you do it. Let’s start with you,
big boy. ( laughing ) Yeah. Shawn:
Money down the drain. Close, but no cigar. Tina? I think that we are
pretty close. 1.03. Good job. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “How to Pour a Perfect Draft Beer – Bar Rescue, Season 4

  • Love the heavy metal Dragon Slayer music throbbing in the background …like it is some big deal to pour a friggin beer… and the Kahuna Mombo tight EEE White EEE Too Tight Hair Tail King Lord Jim Judge , acting as if he were keeper of the eternal Beer Flame …what a load of crap if you can not pour a beer you should not be a bartender … End Of Story

  • I learned how to pull a pint in college I 22 year age I known for my Summer exam this Wednesday for beverage

  • The Bartenders look Old Af….How in the Hell you Don't Know how to Pour Beer….Beer is the Main Item Sold at Most Bars…They need to be Fire and they are Ugly!

  • Might need to tell John Taffer this. In the episode with Halo he puts the faucet into the beer. This is a no no!

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