How to make the Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot – Tipsy Bartender

(rock music) – Christina, are you ready? – Oh, kind of. – You cannot do flaming drinks unless you have a flaming Dr. Pepper. – I know. It’s been a long time. – But you’ve had a couple of these. – Yes. A long time ago. – Let us do it. – Oh boy. Amaretto. – Amaretto. – 151. – Oh boy. This is scary. – What? The 151? Don’t worry, you’ll survive. Put our beer in. – Just half way? – Yeah. However much you want. – It’s on fire! (both laughing) – And now we can take this,
drop it into our beer. And then she’s gonna chug it. Chris, are you ready for this? I just want to show them
that it’s lit, you know? – Oh ok, yes. – Cause they can’t see
the flames in that light. That’s right baby. We’re burning. See it? You can see it now, right? – Oh, snap. – Ok, go ahead. Blow out and
then you can just drop it in. – I almost picked that up.
Don’t try this at home. – You could drop it in
flaming if you want to. – Oh, yeah? – Yeah, just drop it in as it flames. – Ok, we’ll drop it in as it flames. – (laughing) Disaster! – Ok. Wow, that’s a lot. – You don’t gotta do it all. – There’s just a little
beer at the bottom. – Hardcore, homeboy. You see that? Huh? You see that? Huh? Do you respect that? Huh? This girl is bad ass! Ok, in the comments show
some appreciation, ok? That’s what I’m talking about. That’s how you step up to the front lines. Tipsy Bartender, baby. – Yes I am.

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