How-To: Make Homemade Pizza with Frank Pinello

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  • 0:26 he definitely introduces himself as Pank Pinello. love him so much. will try the grandma pizza tomorrow night and that's a fact

  • I wouldn't call that a Naples style pizza. Yes all the ingredients were correct but seeing as you have traveled the world and have seen how they make them in Naples it broke all there rules. Now it is how to make homemade pizza but was a pretty poor effort to try replicate it, for example the base was very wrong.


  • Lot of people hating on this guy. Meanwhile he owns a couple restaurants, has his own show, and literally gets to travel around the world eating pizza while getting paid. Don't hate someone else's hustle.

  • ** Count how many times you say "kind of" and/or "sort of". Notice how it makes no sense to "kind of" and/or "sort of" these things. Either you did it or you didn’t. Either it is or it isn’t. ***

  • Is this regular pizza dough? I was told by a pizza guy from New Jersey one time that Sicilian pizza dough has beaten egg whites in it?? I have never seen that before.

  • I remember when I started making pizza and watched this video. At the time it seemed very professional but now that I've seen the videos by the Neapolitan pizzaoli I see that Frank has got a long way to go. Cutting out the edge is herecy in Naples.

  • This guy ownes a pizza shop so he has been dealing with pizza for a long time. You would expect him to be sick of pizza after all that time but no. He seems really enthused about it afterall. Keep this kinda stuff coming guys

  • That not pizza how you make the pizza frank ????? 😂😂😂😱😱😱 the pizza plus ugly of the world. I dont can look how you destroy the pizza omg

  • Cheese is dry. 6/10. Best way to cook pizza in a traditional oven is to give the dough and sauce a head start before the cheese. Otherwise you either get dry cheese or an under cooked base with no browning.
    Just make it as you would but without the cheese, put it in the oven for 3 minutes, take it out, put the cheese on, and put it back in. And it goes without saying that rising for only 20 minutes is just ridiculous. You need a few hours at the minimum, I find 24-48 hours to give me optimal flavor.

  • Damn that pizza looks like shit compared to the one with a little bit more effort…thats a poor result and he knows it

  • Caro Franco,

    Thank you for this video. I appreciate your passion for Pizza. But come on man! You went to Napoli and to Roma and this is what you end up with?? Firstly, you do NOT salt the dry flour. No. That hinders the activation of the gluten. The order is this – Flour – make a well – water with yeast that has bloomed – knead lightly to activate starch – let rest for 20 mins – NOW add salt – then remove and knead till it is elastic and smooth. But not hard. You need around 65% hydration for a Napoli style pizza or around 55% for a Roma style crunchy crust pizza. In your video, you say that yours is both NY style and Neapolitan. That just cannot be. It can be either or. Next, you HAVE to ferment for atleast 24 hours man! At 4-6°C. Moreover, you need to ball it up into a "panetto" otherwise you don't get a smooth rise. And you are just caressing your dough. Knead it! The crust is the king! Especially when you're cooking it in a wood-fired oven. Then you dont need oil or sugar in your dough! That is only for making it at home because the home oven doesn't get to 450-550°C. The dough really REALLY needs to rise for 24 hours. If you are pressed for time, then make it in the morning, let it rise at room temperature for 6-8 hours at least!

    Rolling it out – Dude no. You don't do it that way. Slap and roll and turn. Slap and roll and turn. Btw, you made a crust and then you cut it out? Come on!!!

    Let's talk cheese. If you're calling it a NY Pizza, then low fat mozzarella. If you're calling it a Neapolitan style Margarita that you did towards the end, then just no. Then you use proper fior di latte or mozzarella di bufala. But before you add it on to the pizza, you need to put the ball of fior di latte in a cloth, twist and squeeze to remove the water, chop it and put it in the fridge for around 20-30 mins to firm it up. Otherwise all the water from the fior di latte will leak onto the pizza and make the base soggy. Then sprinkle a 50-50 mix of Pecorino Romano and Parmagiano-Reggiano, a spiral of extra-virgin olive oil and done. Onto the peel and into the oven. In a wood-fired oven, the pizza must NOT be cooked for longer than 90 seconds.

    Frank, don't call it Neapolitan style at any point if you're not doing it the right way.

    But good luck man and I hope you make excellent pizza as I'm sure you will do due to your blazing passion.

  • "Mootzerella" "Nopple-ee-ton style pizza" I can overlook the bakers yeast, dried oregano, and totally amateur technique, but what the actual fuck is that pronunciation

  • He doesn't put enough love into it. You can tell because the pizza isn't consistent with the distribution of the toppings

  • Hey Frank Pinello, think your Pizza Show was fun and informative; especially the segment in Naples. But, why when you visited San Francisco in this video did you not visit any of Tony Gemignani's restaurants? He's only a 13-time World Champion Pizza maker and the only American to beat the Italian Pizzaiolo's in Italy; author of the Pizza Bible; Co-owner of the International School of Pizza in SF and a two-time Food Network gold medalist. Wondering why your SF segment never mentioned him even though I did catch a beginning scene in your video that had one of his 3 restaurants in the background? Interesting. I would really like to hear why you neglected him. Thanks, Kathryn

  • Been working on my pizza game for over 2yrs, at least twice a month, with ok results. This is by far the best dough outcome, still have to cook it, will see. I have made adjustments in recipe but never seen such great results! Thank you Frank. I'll be making this in a couple of days.

  • Thanks for a great video! But dried oregano defines a NY pizza? Mate, literally everybody has dried oregano on pizzas xD

  • what an asshole… he is totally lying about everything, i know how to make "real dough" and this is all straight up miss information. Jesus christ is he missleading

  • Here Kids, use 3 or 4 tsp of (red label Saf yeast) Super important, not shit from grocery store, then give it 1/2 cup sugar, 4 Tbsp olive oil, and add Gold Medal All Trumps Flour{have to buy from your pizzeria} in your kitchen aid mixer till it balls up, and mix it on 2 for at least 10 min, and let gluten build up. Real simple.

  • Notice they never showed the pizza final product, or what crust looked like underneath. I know why, b/c it wasn't done right. lol

  • The WORLDS BEST RECIPE "RAGU BOLOGNESE" by Danny Bolognese @


  • I feel like the best pizza places use a mix of fresh grated parmesan and mozzarella to give it a tangy-ness.

    That's the kind of pizza I like.

  • "mutzerella" dafuq lol You're Italian no? You dont know how to pronounce it? Wtf lol You're American. Not Italian.

  • No part of this is scientific at all..lousy measurements…just add water from the tap to the yeast…just add flour till it feels right! You should work in a pizza factory to see what "scientific" means.

  • Hi, i made this today and i love the crunchy crust on the side, its the best one i ve made so far. Please help, I always have this problem when making my pizza. There is lot of juice/water on top of my pizza resulting a soggy base. I baked mine on 250c, but i do put lots of mushroom though, is this the cause as they contain lots of water. Your opinion is appreciated as i love my pizza, specially now i found the right recipe. Thanks

  • Did you or any other Nyc Italian boys ever still get spanked growing up with a good old fashioned leather belt or the back of a wooden hairbrush? lol Southern guy wondering.

  • My grandma used to make pizza in a baking sheet every Christmas Eve. Her pizzas were the best. I can only make them about half as good.

  • Using a pizza cutter to fix the shape (or a roller, for that matter) defeats the entire purpose of pushing all the air to the edge.

  • Why are you not using the pizza oven? I'm asuming its because your showing that you can do this in a regular oven???

  • JUST made my first ever pizza! It wasn't bad except the crust! It was too bread-like; it didn't stretch while it raw (it tore). I think I kneaded it too much.

  • I just want to say thank you for posting this, with your help I was able to make my very own first stuffed crust pan pizza at home. It was absolutely delicious and even my fiancee who absolutely hates red sauce or even Pizza devoured it!!!!!

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