hi my name is Megan welcome to my channel today I would like to teach you guys how to make elderberry syrup elderberry syrup is great for all kinds of things it's great for your immune system just general keeping you from getting sick it's also great for even after you've gotten sick helps you get better faster from colds and the flu and then that's also great for a lot of different things like even stomachache my library service just something great to have on hand we like to take some of this every day so let's get right into it so first you lean elderberries I have tried elderberry sir these are from Amazon and we have cinnamon sticks from Asher standard ginger from as your standard as well and honey raw honey is better but this is what I have on hand and it still works very well but definitely if you can get your hands on some local raw honey that is absolutely ideal cloves I think I got this from Azure as well and then you'll also need some filtered water so now it's time to measure out our ingredients pressure to tank two cups of the elder berries and put them in a large pot and I have measured out here four cups of water so double the amount of elderberries and you want to make sure this is nice pure filtered water and then you're going to take your cinnamon stick and put it right in there a teaspoon of clove and then you're gonna take some pieces of ginger and you're gonna grate them up and we're gonna put two tablespoons of grated ginger in here we have all of our ingredients in the pot we're going to set this on the stove and bring it to a boil make sure you stir all the ingredients together and watch it as it boils make sure doesn't boil over so now that it's boiling I'm gonna cover it and turn it down to low and simmer it for half an hour this is finished simmering for half an hour now you can see that it's reduced by quite a bit so now I'm just gonna cover this again and let it steep for a whole hour then I will see you guys in an hour okay so now the elderberries are done steeping know what you're going to need is a piece of muslin cloth a strainer a fork oh boy these parrots and then I to cut one so you're gonna take the big panics first and your strainer and then you're going to lay the muslin cloth over the strainer like this and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna pour the elderberries in here and squeeze the muslin cloth to get all the juice out and into the pyrex dish here okay so now you have all your berries in here and you're just gonna take the muslin cloth and all the corners and you're just gonna squeeze it trying to get every last drop out of there cuz this is some good stuff okay so now that we have this strained off look at all this glorious elderberry syrup so now that we have it strained off that we're gonna add our honey to it so the way you find out how much honey you need to add because this amount will is very depending on how much it boiled and if you had your lid off for more time than the last time you made this so you just measure the ounces and then you put 50% of what this is of honey so this is 16 ounces so I'm going to put 8 ounces of honey in this so I have my honey here I'm just gonna pour the honey right in this and you want to make sure that this syrup isn't too hot when you add that the honey it's just because you don't want it to ruin all the beneficial properties of the honey you don't want to burn it or anything so wait till this is wait till your syrup is cooled off to room temperature before you add this and then you stir this up until the honey is mixed up in there all right and now the syrup is made look at that so I'm going to store mine in a big quart mason jar I'm just going to transfer this over here and now I'm gonna store this in the refrigerator and each of us are going to take 1 to 2 teaspoons of this every day to prevent us from getting sick and one thing you want to keep in mind if you're adding honey to this is if you you don't want to give it to a baby younger than a year old so if you are making this to give to a one-year-old make it with either sugar or maple syrup now we're left with all the leftover elderberries and cinnamon stick and all that stuff you don't want to waste this this is some amazing stuff so you can either compost it I'm gonna give this to my hands and they are gonna love it and turn it into some nice healthy eggs there's a ton of stuff you can do with this so don't waste the leftovers I will link all the ingredients that I use for this down in the description box below if you guys would like to check them out for yourself so I hope you enjoyed that and it was helpful if you liked it please don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you're new and don't forget to hit that little notification bell next to the subscribe if you would like to be notified every time I post new video I post new videos every Monday and Saturday all about motherhood and homesteading and how-to videos and I post a weekly blog every Thursday so I would love it if you came and joined the family I will see you next time bye [Applause]

8 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE ELDERBERRY SYRUP | For A Strong Immune System

  • I didn't know that about elderberries, I've been taking antibiotics on and off for about 3 years now and my immune system has taken a real battering. I'm definitely going to look in to this! Great video, I've just subbed and look forward to watching your other ones 😁😁🤗🤗

  • The syrup looks delicious!! Thanks for the tutorial and good medical tip about the honey for babies it is contraindicated in infants!

  • Hello there! All the way over from Cupcake Kel to say a big hi and I'm a new subbie! I've never made this before – but I wish I had some to put in cupcakes xx

  • I’ve been wanting to make this for awhile but haven’t been able to access any good, organic elderberries but I never thought about checking amazon. Thanks so much for sharing and great how-to video!!! ❤️

  • Thank you for sharing. I have heard great things about elderberry but have never tried it. I am so tired of everyone being sick all the time though!!! New subscriber ❤️

  • i love elderberry. i have a taste of it when we went for a vacation in York. but it was too expensive here in Asia. Thanks for this video!

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