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Lovely people, were going to make Chilli Sauce, woo! Onions, tomatoes, chillis, cider, vinegars This recipe will make 350ml ok, which is that much But my advice to you, is times this recipe by 4,5,6 do a batch cook for the whole year I love you, ok Lets do it Food processor, these are fairly hot chillis, I’m putting 12 of them in You can de-seed the chillis, but I’m going to sieve out the seeds a little bit later because I want the heat, but you can adjust it to your liking 2 onions, just regular white onions and then 2 cloves of garlic, peel those in you go, generous pinch of salt And just chop it all up Colour, I just love the colour I’m just going to add it to a pan, with about 2 tablespoons of oil Medium heat Let’s mix this around Look at that, so onions, garlic, chilli. I want to blend the fresh chillis with chilli powder 2 teaspoons, and by sweating this off you’re going to get sweeter flavours but I’m going to use a little bit of sugar to balance that, so 2 tablespoons of sugar We’ll let that just simmer away for about 10 minutes to get those lovely flavours going So have a little look at this guys, you can see it’s sweetened, it’s reduced in size already Now 6 ripe plum tomatoes. The better the tomatoes the better this’ll be. Chop it all up You’re going to get such good flavour from that And then it gets really exciting. 150ml of vinegar but I’m using apple cider vinegar The link between chilli and apple is phenomenal It’s really phenomental And I’m going to back it up with some lovely cloudy apple juice, 250ml So there’s like an apple backbone Not just in sweetness but in flavour With the chilli, with the onion with the tomatoes It’s going to be so good Really, really good. So were going to bring this to the boil And were going to simmer it for about 20 minutes, then we’ll have a little check What we want to do now, is just have a little taste Woohoo! That’s what it makes me do, season it, get it going Actually there’s a lot of research that say’s that capsaicin which is natural chemical in capsicums in the chilli family It does release, happy hormones, serotonin. And it picks you up It’s unbelievable, I mean I’m like all in to it. It smells amazing It’s got a good kick, pour this into here Liquidise it until fine If you like it silkier just put it through a sieve like this I’m going to keep it rustic today but you do whatever you like It really is an amazing way to brighten up pretty much any dish Turn the heat off now, that’s boiling A final little taste Woo! That’s what it makes me feel like every time I do it If you want it to last a year, steralise some jars or bottle of whatever you want to keep it in That kills all the bugs So everything is sterile Including this And lets put our chilli sauce into our bottle Just ignore my mess, and I apologise, it’s just excitement, I just cant hold myself Then I’m going to go back in here, just for 5 minutes, that’s going to steralise it ok? So that way it’s going to last a nice little year Let’s fill her up Whenever I do a batch I always keep some and I don’t bother steralising it, I just put some straight in the fridge and it’ll last, week, week and a half easily So there you go guys, Chilli Sauce It’s really good, I’m really excited about it We got the steralised ones, really cool, we’ve got the ones available for now, beautiful It’s a great gift, even though this recipe is straight forward, whole ingridients, loads of love And it took me months to get right, so if you’re a chilli sauce lover Forward it, share it, shamon, that’s all I can say, shamon. Shamon, Chilli Sauce OK, if you want to see some nice recipes with my chilli sauce, click the “I” button up there Comments in the comments box below, sorry I’ve gone a bit weird But this stuff just makes me happy. Honestly, this is my high, this is my everything, I love you…

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