How to make an Alcohol Powered Bottle Rocket

Hey Guys! It’s mike from The Geek Pub, and on this episode
I’ll show you how I made this awesome alcohol powered bottle rocket! The parts list for this project is very
simple can be found at First, we will need two small sections of
half-inch PVC pipe, and a half-inch PVC coupler. Our source of ignition will be this handy and
inexpensive barbecue igniter from our local home improvement store. For fuel, we’ll use rubbing alcohol. I used seventy percent but nintey-one percent works even better! And last but certainly not least we need a
water bottle! I prefer The Geek Pub brand! It’s time to go ahead and assemble the
two sections of PVC pipe using the PVC coupler. Lay out the BBQ igniter and make sure
that the wires are just barely protruding from the end, and adjust them if necessary. Make sure there’s about a one-eigth inch
gap between the wires, and once everything is correct it’s time
to insert the barbecue igniter into the sections of pipes and press firmly. It should look similar to this. Now let’s test fit it and you’ll see that
the coupler act as a backstop for the bottle. Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into
the bottle. In order to get the air fuel mixture
right replaced the cap and shake it vigorously! Now, pour any remaining standing alcohol
back to the container as the burning backsplash can be very dangerous. Now insert the detonator in fire! Don’t worry the liquid you see splash
out is left over water still in the bottle! It shoots all the way across my garage! Well, be careful with this project
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