How To Make Alcohol Ink Pendants

Hello it’s Gilly here from fun crafts to
do at I’ve just got into using alcohol inks and I have been
experimenting with them I’ve just made these pendants from some of the work
that I produced using alcohol inks and I’m going to show you how you can
achieve this effect and use your alcohol inks to maybe make some embellishments
for your jewelry or maybe to use as card toppers or in scrapbooking anyway let’s
get to it you’re going to need some alcohol inks I’ve decided to use this
mermaid, wild plum and lemonade you may also use some alcohol blending solution
okay so, oh yeah and you’re going to need to get the effects I have got
in the pendants I made you’re going to need some ordinary tin foil that
you use in the kitchen so first I just need to cut a piece of foil – not going to do a very big peice . And then we need to scrunch it up not too tight because I boil tin foil doesnt want to come unravelled if you do it too tight so you get a nice crazed look. Maybe a bit more… And you are going to need a brayer as well – a brayer to roll over to get this nice and flat. Okay so this is a brayer and
you need one of these to flatten the foil after you’ve screwed it up and put
lots of nice crazed patterns on there also you can see when
you’ve flattened it out you’ve got this wonderful pattern on here and that’s
what we’re going to color. So first I’m just gonna drop some ink Apologies if you found my voice too quiet and the music too loud. This was one of my early videos and I had lots to learn about YouTube! It’s been such a popular video with lots of lovely feedback, so I have left it on here. Almost done… and now I am gonna sprinkle some alcohol
blending solution onto the design More music! But hey, life is too short to be grumpy about it😍 so I have let this dry overnight and now
I’m going to show you the next steps for turning this tin foil into pendants. You’re going to need a chain of some
description I’m using an 18 inch black curb chain you’re going to need a bottle
cap and you’re going to need a 1 inch glass overlay which will magnify the
image you’re also going to need some tacky glue any kind of strong glue is
going to be okay and you are going to need a one inch
hole punch so let’s get started oh and you will also need a split ring
to attach to your bottle cap. First you need to make a hole and the edge of the
bottle cap okay so there’s the hole now (apologies for sound change🥴) we now need a way to flatten the bottle
cap now you can do this with a hammer but there’s a quicker way to do it with
the Sizzix Big Shot embossing machine (link to a video about that on one of the info cards at the end of the tutorial) so here is my flattened bottle cap with the
split ring attached so that’s ready for the chain to go on when we’ve done the
image so the next thing we need to do is actually cut out the part of the design
we want to go into the middle and to do that we the one-inch hole punch. When I’m
trying to decide what part of the colored image I want to cut out to put
in the pendant, what I do is I get the glass overlay the
magnifying glass overlay I just move it around over the design until I see an
area that would make a really nice image to go in under the glass so I’m just
going to do that now and decide where I want to cut out see I think there’s
quite nice because I like turquoise and purple so I’m going to get some scissors
and cut down there so I can get the one inch punch in there to get my design
I’ve cut this out now and I’m going to put the this part into the hole punch to
get this nice turquoise and purple effect in there and to do this I turn
the punch upside down and move just move it around until it’s where I want it I
think there’s going to be okay you have to be really firm with tinfoil
because it can just kind of buckle up inside so I tend to do mine down on the
table rather than in my hand so there’s the design that I have cut out and you
can see now all that doesn’t really look much when you’re looking at the the
whole image that you’ve painted when you start to punch circles out in the colors
that you like it it starts to look quite different. You’re also going to need
something like Diamond Glaze to fix the tinfoil design onto the glass overlay
now I use Diamond Glaze because it dries crystal clear and it does make the
metallic – the tin foil stick rigidly to the glass overlay so this is Judykins Diamond glaze and you can get it in pretty much any
good craft shop so what you need is a blob of diamond glaze you just drop it
down onto the glass overlay okay so that’s all you need then you take the…
make sure you fit the right side… you take your tinfoil… and you stick it firmly to the glass
overlay… okay and you so you can see how the
light catches and you get that lovely glow and just before you let it dry just
push down on the flat surface with your thumbs lots of pressure to make sure
that you have all the air bubbles out and it’s evenly evenly stuck all over so
when that’s dry you need to take in tacky glue and just squeeze some into
the bottle cap not too much and then just spread the glue around… now we’re ready to place the glass
overlay with the design into the bottle cap push down… …and hold in place and once everything’s
dry you can fit the chain and there you have your beautiful Moonglow pendant so
thank you for watching and don’t forget to visit Thanks for watching. See you next time!

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