How to Make a Rustic Whiskey Bottle Lamp

[Epic Music Playing] So a lot of you guys know that we just moved back to the state of Kentucky Which means it’s time to make something to celebrate. I think we’re gonna make is something that has to with bourbon I don’t even drink bourbon that much… but we’re gonna make it anyway! So I was trying to come up with a cool voiceover to go behind those opening shots in the beginning… But I realized I don’t know that much about bourbon or the history of it or anything like that and honestly I didn’t want to Sound like an idiot, and I was kind of too lazy to do some research But what I do know is that it comes in some really cool looking glass bottles So let’s take that and turn it into something that’ll last [rock music playing] Whoo so that’s gonna be it for this video Thank you guys so much for watching Feel free to show some support and push that like button I had a blast with this video There’s so many different ways you can go about doing something like this It’s such a simple project that I’d love to see what other people do with it But I’ve made do with the materials that were available to me And that’s what I came up with and I’m actually pretty happy with it so there’s all sorts of different shapes and sizes of bottles whether it’s bourbon or Other drinks there were definite some challenges I had to overcome in this project like figuring out how to cut the glass and things like that because not all bourbon bottles are Brown you can’t use one of those fancy that glass cutters. Where you roll it so I had to build that little jig out of wood and Jig if you want to call it. There’s a lot of fun feel free to share this video with your friends Don’t forget to subscribe and we’ll see you in the next video. That was dumb You you

5 thoughts on “How to Make a Rustic Whiskey Bottle Lamp

  • Small update: I realized that hot glue squeeze out looks pretty awful. Plus it didn’t hold too well. (Probably that awesome tiny pink glue gun I have).

    So instead I’ve scraped the glue and epoxied the base down for a tighter, cleaner fit.

  • Great video, hope you make more videos. Love the shirt you are wearing in the video, I grew up in Ballardsville, now I live in Bardstown.

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