6 thoughts on “How Shri Mataji Made Me Creative and Helped Open Alcohol Treatment Centers

  • Thank you so much !! It’s been a really beautiful session with you!

    Dear Could u plZ help me with studying well… I feel terribly tired whenever I have to study for an interview or anything.
    Please help me with this

  • Jai shree mataji. It's a lovely video full of love and joy. I felt really relaxed after listening to you.

  • Hi Priya, this video is so beautiful and divine. I felt cool breeze flowing from my both hands. I would love to see more such videos. Thanks.

  • Singer Biswajit Nanda's comment about my Adya meditation classes is irresponsible and spreads false information. Shri Mataji herself asked me to write Her biography and guided about these art classes. Sanjay Talwar bhaiya made Grihalakshmi film which gave realization to seekers and he charged money for the tickets, similarly I charge for my art classes. I request if any sahaja yogi has questions, please email me like a mature responsible person instead of posting misguided content on my channel publicly and creating confusion for seekers, thank you.

  • In this talk Shri Mataji has clearly stated we can charge money for hall etc when we teach meditation: https://youtu.be/-68p-veeNzA
    Please don't confuse the seekers.

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