How much water should you be drinking every
day? Well the answer to that is that it completely
depends on your unique, individual body. The common rule of thumb is that you should
be drinking 8 cups of water per day, but is that really accurate? What if you’re a six foot four body builder,
weighing 250 pounds? Or conversely, What if you’re a five foot two model, weighing
90 pounds? A quick way to find out if you need more water
is to simply check the color of your urine the next time you use the restroom. If it’s dark yellow, that means it’s highly
concentrated urine, and you’re likely dehydrated and need to increase your water intake. If it’s a very light yellow color, that means
you are properly hydrated. A few helpful tips to remember is to pace
yourself and drink water regularly throughout the day. For example, drinking a half cup every hour
is a much better idea than going through most of the day without any water, and then chugging
5 cups before bed. Keep a water bottle on your desk, so it’s
easier to remember to take your water break regularly. Also remember that all liquids, fruits, and
vegetables contain water, and the water that your body absorbs from those foods definitely
counts towards your daily water intake. So in conclusion, just keep an eye on the
color of your urine as a quick and easy indicator of whether you are consuming enough water. Thanks for watching, and please don’t forget
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