38 thoughts on “Hotel Rwanda Official Trailer #1 – Don Cheadle Movie (2004) HD

  • A masterpiece about Genocide. 800.000 Tutsi's are killed by the Hutu's. Even the U.N.turns its back [ Nick Nolte] and only one man Don Cheadle manager of the Hotel Rwanda risks his life to rescue 1368 people.

  • Heartbreaking movie… OMG "Sometimes in April" is another heartbreaking Rwandan Genocide movie to watch…

  • I wanted to watch the movie but after I did some research about the truth behind this movie, I should not. I don't want to engage in a character that totally did the opposite in real life situation. This is so devastating.

  • As a Rwandan, I have been able to hear different testimonies of people who took refuge from Paul Rusesabagina in the Hotel. All they said was Paul only gave refuge to people who were able to pay him and he even threw some who were not able to pay him. So this movie is just another insult to the survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

  • story presented by americans or west or that jew media can never be true .always a propaganda .not showing the true picture

  • I've seen this movie once and trying to see it again but i literally can't get through it. Being that some of my family were apart of the story is just extremely horrifying, they did a wonderful job

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  • as usual the whites come in take a shit wherever they please and then leave it for others to clean up

  • I have just finished watching this movie… Paul Rusesabagina is a great man, and I cannot thank him enough for his selflessness by risking his life in sheltering 1,268 refugees in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. I am 14, and I believe that this movie should be shown to all teens my age, so they understand how dark life can be.

  • When I saw the movie it was in class and just I got chills and started to cry at many parts it's a sad but truly good story and at times I'm sure it's not completely how it was to the extent it was but just the movie honestly broke my heart to see the hatred, the evil, and just so many things in this world that are just incredibly sad. I'm sorry if I made no sense

  • Don Cheadle did a great job but screw Paul Rusesabagina! He is a FAKE. Please look into the real story!!!

  • More tragic than the Boston Bombing, more tragic than journalist being killed in france…..even more tragic than September 11th.  I didn't hear about this untill the movie came out.  You fail world.  The most epic fail of all.

  • Many great movies only became nominations for the oscar. Hotel Rwanda, City of God, blood diamond, the color purple, those are to name a few… that being said, i don't get how 'silver linings playbook' could win (i know the reviews are good, i just don't find it that good, even hotel rwanda is much better to me)  

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