Having a Beer with Rob – Ep#2 Aliens Among Us

ugh my god today was a day definitely need this beer holy shit Hey, what’s up everybody. You are watching, “Having a Beer with Rob”. Uh, Rob, being myself. That’s me. We’re here. You and I. Alone. In my basement. It’s not as weird as it seems. Today we’re going to be drinking the likes of thee Cold Mountian from Highland Brewing Company. This is a very, very, sought after beer here in my neck of the woods, and I’m really exited to be sharing it with you. Here. See if you can catch that. Nope. You didn’t. If you are over the age of 21- Uh, 18 in some countries, or uh you know you’re just hanging out and you got access to a beer at whatever age- Ah hah ha. Uh, I invite you to drink a beer along with me. …and you know just fucking talk some shit. Although, it’s going to be a very one sided conversation. because the technology just isn’t there yet. If the camera wasn’t on this would be considered absolutely in-fucking-sane. Uh, but it is. Uh, and there you are. There you are. Hold on. Let me show you who I pretend I’m talking to, and what it is I’m looking at over here. There you are! Right there! It’s just me and you! In my weird little basement- Oh! Oh, but cheers! *Tap* Today I want to discuss a very important t-topic, but I’m goin- Hold on I haven’t even taken a fucking sip out of this yet. Uh! God dammit that’s good. Aliens! Now, n-n-n-not fucking Illegal aliens or fucking immigrants aliens I’m talking about aliens from outer fucking space Oh, hold on, before I even get started! *rustling* I’ve got to put on my AFDB Uh, this is very crucial to have on, so that way none of those fuckers up there can read your brains. The Federal Government included! Make sure that you always have one of these on. You never know. Uh, let’s keep going. What was I fucking saying? Mh…mhh…mh. Donald- fucking -Trump I didn’t want this to get fucking political. I am talking about the interstellar fucking lizards. I don’t- I don’t even know if you know, but they are interstellar inter-galactic, inter-planetary giant lizard people living amongst us taking the form of human beings and running the planet into the ground so that they can take it over! Queen Elizabeth, Fidel Castro, Marky Mark, and The Funky Bunch Ha ha ha ha ha I didn’t mean to get this fucking upset about it. This fucking quickly in, but you need to know that we are not alone. Is that the fucking X-Files fucking theme? -But google that shit! Interstellar lizards- Donald Trump. Fucked! We’re fucked! They live, anybody? Rowdy Roddy fucking Piper? Awh, shit. That is just the tip of the fucking iceberg! Before we even jump into fucking all of the different universes and all of the different aliens that are out there Let’s just start here on planet Earth. Have you seen the shit that is on this planet? The whole god damn planet is full of aliens! Hippo-fuckin-Hippa-ponimuses! Right? Is that how you say it? Hippaponimi? Giraffes! Snakes! Horses! Fucking poodles! Insects! A-All the fucking insects! Fucking fish! Don’t even get me started on the ocean. The ocean is a whole other fucking weird fucking crazy world. Crazy world! Full of aliens! We don’t even know half the shit that’s down there. But we probably w-won’t ever find out until it’s very- till the very end. When the giant fucking alien sea monsters come up and take over the goddamn planet! Or the dolphins take over the planet!! I know that I’ve talked about dolphin invasion and dolphin-lypse -ocalypse before. They have a language that fucking is comprised of sonars! Fucking bouncing beams of sound and shit! Back and forth. Definitely aliens! Watch out for the dolphins. This is your second warning. Elvis Presley- an alien. Michael fucking Jackson- an alien. Marina Joyce! Marina fucking Joyce, if you are watching this, we fucking know. John F Kennedy- Alien! Sarah Jessica Parker- Alien! Jesus Christ- an Alien! Fucking dude can walk on water and come back to life and all shorts of shit. Come on now! The whole Big Foot conspiracy probably a fucking alien roaming around in the god damn woods! I feel bad for anyone who… is not drinking a Cold Mountain right now. I feel bad for anyone who just fucking doesn’t believe in aliens. Quite selfish I might add to think that we are the only fucking planet , and the only intelligence in the entire universe. We’re alone. Yeah- ha ha ha ha ha, oh shit. Keep thinking that! We’ve been visited by aliens since- like- the beginning of time! There’s ancient cave drawings and fucking hieroglyphics, and ancient Egyptian shit filled with fucking space ships, and all sorts of shit, and what? We’re going to just ignore that? We’re just going to pretend that doesn’t exist? There’s one in particular. It’s like a 15th century- some fucking century painting, of the Virgin Mary, with like a f-fucking UFO floating above her. How did you think she was a fucking virgin and got knocked up? Hello! Aliens! Look at Egypt! Built by aliens. Come on! How else can they even fucking make those structures back then? And cats! They fucking loved cats! Cats were like gods to them. Why not put that together for a minute? Huh? Let’s talk about cats and the fact that they are aliens sitting and dwelling IN YOUR DOMICILE! In your home! You have invited aliens to just fucking roam free and scratch up your fucking furniture and eat all the fucking food. If you don’t believe me check out Cat Alien Conspiracy.com Whatever you do, do not allow your cats to even see you reading that website- or even watching this fucking video! For Christ sake… And if there’s a fucking cat watching. Right now. If you’re fucking watching. Mr. Fucking Fluffy Muffin We’re fuckin- we know! We fucking know. You hear me? Scratching up our fucking furniture and shit. Mh…mh! Wanna know why we haven’t met any aliens yet? because they have all evolved into A.I. Artificial Intelligence All of the fucking aliens out there are just fucking robots! We think we’re just going to run into some little short, lanky, big eyed fucking big head alien when in actuality most planets have already evolved into robots. Duh! It’s going to happen to this planet. I’m sure! Any other planet that has fucking evolved past the fucking – agh! Gah! Fuck! What am I talking about? What am I talking about? I don’t know, but I’m not drinking this fast enough. Lot’s of talk. Not enough drink. God dammit this is good!! I hope we have all not forgotten Malaysia flight whatever the fuck that just disappeared! Without a fucking trace! COME ON!! You can’t fucking write this shit! You can’t fucking make this up. A plane just disappears into fucking thin air- done! In the next 30 fucking 40 years maybe a 100 years from now All of those fucking people from that plane are just going to magically fucking come back in and land somewhere. And be like, “What the fuck” Grab a hold of your fucking chair or your beer. And just fucking soak this in. Aliens are our future selves. Coming back in time, in our fucking space ships, which we built- here on Earth, or wherever the fuck. So either fix time, somehow, or We’ll get into time travel in another episode of, “Having a Beer with Rob” but, I think they’re just coming back to either like observe maybe like, “What the fuck went wrong?” and, which is why we’re actually seeing a very large amount of UFO videos and UFO pictures taken, already, this year! 2017! There’s like a 130 fucking UFO cases! I don’t know. I may have just pulled that one out of my ass, but there are a lot of sightings of UFO’s and that’s a whole other fucking. Everybody has seen them! We have all seen them! People have taken pictures! They have evidence, but we’re not going to believe the fucking evidence? COME ON!!! How much more do you have to see? Look at this shit! This is video! These are things that people have recorded in the night sky. Look at that fucking thing! What the fuck is that?! What fuck is that?! You can’t fucking sit here and tell me that that is like a new play, and that the government is testing. That’s bullshit! Do a little research on thee Black Night Satellite which has been pretty much an alien space ship satellite that has been orbiting our solar system for the past 300,000 years I know. I fucking know. Just so you know. Now we all know. Everybody in this whole fucking basement knows. Not a lot of people… Can you even imagine what would happen if like finally aliens fucking came down? At the basis of Independence Day, and fucking a thousand Tom Cruise movies but all that shit could possibly happen! That would change everything! Religion would just be fucking tossed right out the fucking window It would fucking disrupt everything! People will lose their fucking shit! And after that everything would just crumble. Fucking religion Financial Institutions Government The whole fucking kitten kaboodle We would see the end of times. If there was just a fucking alien ship that just decided to be like, “Yo, what’s up! Just passing through!” We would lose our God. Damn. Shit. You better fucking hope that you’ve got a fucking bunker or some sort of safety system set in place, because it is going to be a long rocky fucking road through the whooole end of times. Haha I hope that you are prepared! I hope that you’re prepared… Mh… I saved a couple of these Cold Mountains, so I’m going to be fine. I got this basement, and if anything, I got this fuckin- I got this onesie! Ugh… Oh, fuck, alright. That’s enough! I want to thank, uh, ha ha ha I want to thank everybody for coming. Uh, especially uh, the washer, and the dryer over there. Uh, and you guys. Right there. I appreciate you uh really spending the last 10 – 15 – 20 – 30 minutes I don’t know how long this fucking video is. I- If you want to see more of this series for some fucking reason I don’t know. Be sure that you hit up that like button and if you are not subscribed already What the fuck is wrong with you? Get with the program. And if you have any other future topics Uh, that you want to see talked about here on the show be sure that you suggest those down in the comments below as well uh, and I will see you around here next time for another episode of “Having a Beer with Rob” Again, that’s me, right here. Rob. Alright See ya. Bye.

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