Happy Traveler Trips: Pennsylvania Beer & Donuts

In terms of craft beer production this
year according to the Brewers Association Pennsylvania was the top
beer producing state in the whole country. And it doesn’t show any sign of
slowing down. You could spend two weeks driving around looking at breweries trying to go to breweries and still probably never touch half them. You can make a great beer but it’s also the entire experience you build around beer as well. We truly believe that there is a beer for all occasions so creating those occasions is on us. Beer is such a complex and diverse drink any kind of
food that you can imagine there is a beer to meet that. So we like to look
outside of just what the normal is and that’s kind of where our partnership
with Just Good Donuts came from. The best part of it is I didn’t have to go down into some freezer and grab donuts and thaw them and decorate them. That’s why we come in basically last night to get our dough rolled up. It’s absolutely fresh. To be here and to see the experience of someone pairing a beer with a donut and to kind of get that Eureka moment is kind of an enlightening experience and something that’s really encouraging to drive what we do here forward. It’s really cool, it’s kind of like this whole kind of new wave of people who are trying to create an exciting experience in Pennsylvania and it’s open to exploration. A lot of craft beer is being made, a lot of really good food is being grown and served you can have a lot of unique experiences in Pennsylvania. There’s a lot going on here.

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