Happy Hour EP 12 – Barnstormer Brewing & Distilling Co.

(electronic music) – Hey, everybody. Chad and Scott with the
Knowles-Woolsey team. Welcome to episode number 12. We’re at Barnstormer Brewery
here in Barrie today. – That’s right, guys. We got a great treat for you today. We’ve been to fine dining,
we’ve been to the pubs, but today we’re going
straight to the source. We’re at this unbelievable craft brewery right here in the heart of Barrie. So, guys, we’re gonna do a deep dive today on some great beers and some great food. – Word on the street, I know
a little bit about aviation and I think there’s a bit
of a twist here as well. So, let’s go check it out. – Let’s get to the bottom of it. (electronic music) – All right, guys, so
we’re back at the bar here where we’re joined today by Jason Hill, Assistant General Manager
at Barnstormer Brewery. So, Jason, thanks so
much for having us today. – Not a problem. Welcome. – So, for those people
who haven’t been in it, maybe don’t know a whole
lot of about the brewery, tell us a little bit sort
of where things started, and what the story is
behind the name Barnstormer. – So, Barnstormer started, the original owner was
involved with aircraft. – Certainly an enthusiast.
That’s for sure, right? – Yeah. – Definitely. And had a passion for beer so they kind of went hand in hand, and the name Barnstormer sort of goes back to an
earlier time after the war when all the pilots coming home used to put on these airshows with wing-walking and
flying through barns, thus sort of the decor
and everything here. – All the things I kind of
do on a day to day basis. – Yeah, for sure. Fly through barns. Awesome. So, craft beers, in my
opinion have really taken off in the last number of years. So, good timing on your guy’s end. Where do you think that
popularity comes from? Why are people so crazy
about it these days? – I think that people
sort of have gotten bored with the same old few choices of beer that all tasted the same. So, people are expanding what they like and willing to try news things, and that could be the
younger generation as well are willing to try new things, food, beer. – Yeah, it’s almost like a wine thing now, you can really be a connoisseur
and go through it all. It’s a lot of fun trying them out. I’m definitely no connoisseur
at it, but that’s for sure. And you guys do the whole food
around here as well, right? – Yes, definitely. We’re
a full service restaurant as well as we have the
brewery in the back. – Yes, definitely. Awesome. And tell us, you know, we obviously do the real
estate side of things here, so can you tell us maybe about
a little real estate story? We usually ask maybe the
worst place you’ve ever lived? You got anything fun there? – Worst place I ever lived was probably almost 15 years ago. I was in London, Ontario. – Oh, yeah, terrible. – A seedy apartment building by myself working at a local restaurant. Definitely wasn’t there that
long before moving home. – Yeah. It was a little shakey was it? – Yeah. Definitely. – Yeah, no kidding, some
of those old apartment buildings are a little touch and go. Now, for anybody who
maybe hasn’t been into explore the crafts and that sort of thing, is there any kind of tips
you can give a newbie on kind of how to figure everything out? – I’d say there’s something for everyone. You don’t have to be scared, because even if you don’t like, or you’re afraid of hops, or those sort of dark stouts, you know every craft brewery makes something a little lighter, something that’s a
little more approachable for somebody that’s
not used to craft beer. – For sure. Yeah, because it
can be a bit intimidating. – Definitely. Oh, yeah. – And what are some of the rating systems, because you’ll often see,
what is it, the BTUs? – So, you’ve got the IBUs,
which is the bitterness. So, how bitter the beer is. So, your IPAs are on the high end and you can get closing in on 100, which depending on how it’s made can be either really good
or it can just be terrible, and some people just don’t like that, and also the color of the beer, how dark it is, is SRM, and that is literally from
your lightest beer being 0, all the way to your darkest stouts the higher the number it goes. – Very cool. And last one for you,
what’s your favorite beer? – Right now, on tap, it’s probably… – It’s changing frequently? – Yes, definitely. It’s probably Alberta Mosaic Rye. – Yeah, it’s absolutely delicious. – [Jason] It’s really tasty. – Amazing, J. Well, thanks so much, man, really appreciate you having us in. We’re looking forward to
checking things out here. – Yeah, cheers. – Cheers, boys. (electronic music) – Hey, guys. We’re back in
the back room right now. Doing a little bit of work. What am I doing with
this, Scotty? I forget. – You gotta stir the mash. – Stirring the mash. Why not talk a little bit
about market stats right now? – That’s right. They’re
putting us to work here. – I hear it’s in the green a little bit. – Definitely. A lot of green
in the stats for October, guys. So, what we’re doing is
were comparing this October to last October in the
Barrie real estate market. Really positive story out
there right now, guys. We’re seeing a lot more
transactions going on. Just shy of 20% more
units sold this October verus last October, which
is a really big increase in our volume there,
which is great to see. On top of that, average price point, up a little over five and a half percent, that’s a really big number for us, guys. Really great, healthy numbers. So, really positive outlook out there. Things are really moving along. – 2020. It’s gonna be a good year. – Right around corner, for sure. I think things are definitely looking up. So, we’ve got lots of positivity
in the market out there. – Absolutely. A question a lot of people
ask us all the time, should you sell in the winter? What do you think? – You know, that’s a
great question for sure, and you know what, the reality is houses sell 12 months of the year. So, there’s definitely
certain places that we would suggest holding off in the spring, maybe if you got that pool or the backyard that really shows well, but otherwise guys it’s business as usual. Whether there’s snow or not, holidays going on or not. Houses really- – Likely less competition. – Definitely a lot less
competition out there, which is great, you can look
to take advantage of that. And from a buying perspective, truly a great time to get
out there and have a look. Anybody who is on market typically does have a real good
reason why they want to move so it really creates some
good buying opportunity out there to have a peek and
really snatch up a good deal. So, definitely not a bad
time to be on the market. – Let’s go play around. – Sounds good. (electronic music) – All right, guys, so that’s a wrap on this month’s Happy Hour. Thank you so much for joining us. Please come down and check this place out. You guys are gonna
absolutely love Barnstormer. Whether the beer enthusiast
or just getting started, there’s something for everybody here. On top of that, the food
is absolutely incredible. – Love the pizza. You can even grab a growler. You can grab a couple of those, fill them up on the way home. They have cans of beer
as well. So accessible. – Definitely. Guys, you gotta come down. You gotta support local. Until next month, cheers. – Cheers. (electronic music)

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