Hands-On With Build-A-Bear's Psyduck and Snubbull Pokémon Plushes

power happy detective Pikachu launch day everybody my name is amiibo Jason and once again I am with the amazing Lauren also known as happily candy so the last night we went to go see detective Pikachu and it was great and I think the start of the show besides Pikachu was Psyduck all the Pokemon I know he was so so good snubbull was great too yes it didn't have the screen presence of side died but still the movies fantastic and if you want to go out there in style build the bear the good folks at build-a-bear have released two additional pokemon plushies we just got him into the office like one two hours ago yes yes I was Oh eagerly awaiting their arrival and I'm so happy they're here so as you can see in the back we have almost all of these we're missing II don't know why we're missing Eevee by using a be because V's one that has all pretty much always been in stock about the bear other ones like the Vulpix is and their Bulbasaur is like they've disappeared from the Belle devera online store and in store so to think that we we only don't have easy as funny yeah it's it's bizarre but we love these things they're incredibly high-quality you can get them with a voice chip they have a whole series of like closed lines you can put onto them I think yes I think is a raincoat that comes with it yeah and then oh it's called the best to me with her whole look it looks more like a really cute little dress yeah but yeah it's supposed to be a vest it's adorable we're gonna put those on and justice yes I'll show you guys what that looks like um if you want to pick these up just right off the bat will let you know build-a-bear has them right now this one is 32 bucks on its own as is no sound chip and no clothes but they have an online bundle I think it's 65 bucks you get this and you get the voice chip which I mean here yeah I mean it's it's great it's really great so 65 bucks for the whole bundle you want to get the stuff up there I'm gonna just go into a little bit about snubbull Snapple this pokémons bundle is a little bit less expensive it's at the $55 mark if you want the online exclusive bundle but yeah if you want it separately it is priced the same as as thirty thirty two dollars for snubbull alone without the accessories and the accessories include these bows and they also include this great it's like a time when you put it on there's a skirt peeking out then too and it looks like a little dress like it's she's ready for business yes really but if you want this separately and you don't want snubbull you can just get this for 1250 yeah and that comes with the berets I believe yes oh yes I love the mom because they were too cute I didn't want to take them off but yes these are not included with plain snuggles so you have to get that with the outfits and this outfit does come with the with the bundle the reason why this one's a little bit more is because it also includes that other it comes with another outfit and that's why the Psyduck one is a bit more expensive so I'll let you put that on there and you can now see site ugh complete in his amazing raincoat has the Pokemon logo right there on the pocket it feels like a real raincoat it's like the same kind of material once again bill the bear really knows what they're doing here you got you got to see his tail behind there I mean it's so cute there's I think five sounds for each one so I'm gonna go through all of them here I don't know what that is kind of something babies in bed but that's cool I think this is the best one no I think that was it so yeah there's a lot of amazing sounds and then we've got your snowball yes level sounds like this one too just before you forget I think this is the extra side up one okay so it's like a kind of looks like a great ball yeah it's a flux ball okay it looks more of course luxe ball hoodie so this one this one twelve price at 12:50 separately I think you can buy this and separately you cannot buy this one separately I think this is the best one I know it reminds me of the other one that came with squirtle yeah the turtles was clear oh he's a mess I don't even see the hats I love it okay now it's complete it's complete yes see now they're both complete yeah do you want to kiss noble Daniele it's your snuggle let's see here's her sound chip right there I think is one more sounds like levels in distress and that one I'm just gonna point that out major but once again if you want to pick these up this one is 65 bucks for the bundle the Hat raincoat the x4 shirt the sound chip or 32 bucks for side duck on its own 32 bucks on its own it's still pretty darn cute you don't need the sound chip or this stuff to make it look amazing no I love how like his cute little tummy is out into out too so yeah like it he said you do not need the raincoat it's extra cute with the raincoat but he's adorable or it's adorable just by himself and that one's 32 as well this one's 32 alone and 55 with the online exclusive bundle it's to me the bundle is completely worth it but I could totally understand if you're on a budget yeah if you're on a budget this snubbull looks great it even looks like it's wearing an outfit already with the way it's done yeah so once again we have links to both of these things in the description down below if you want to pick one of these up you can find them right under this video and I think we'll close this video out with showing you all of the amazing build-a-bear pokemon line kind of in a nice little glamour shot I'm ending so there it goes yeah all right guys I'll see you soon bye bye

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