Grizzly Bear Hunts For Clams | Wild Alaska | BBC Earth

at Katmai along the southern coast speculators have been coming down from the mountains the Rizla bears they sleep hard through the seven months of winter but their summers are intense whilst the males work out his boss this female is more interested in finding something to eat she's lost over a third of her body weight during winter and right now there's not much around except grass a pumped-up meal could kill her cub but it's worth the risk to come here the Bears of this coast are all here because a feast is about to be delivered from the ocean not that there's any sign of it yet there is something else to eat on a beach but it will only be available when the tide goes out it's under their feet they can smell it a clan it may not look like much but this seafood is rich and these six mile long mud flats are full of them it's not as easy as it looks all the while the clams are escaping downwards through the sand sometimes they move faster than a little bear can dig a 130 kilogram grizzly mom needs to find a couple of hundred clams a day to make it was the effort but it all helps to keep them going until the first real feast of summer arrives

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