Georg Jensen Champagne Sabre Review: A Great Accessory & Ideal Gift For Champagne Lovers

Paul Anthony: Hello and welcome to Bespoke
Unit, my name is Paul Anthony. Trevor Guilday: I’m Trevor Guilday. Paul Anthony: And today we’re going to be
reviewing the Georg Jensen Stainless Steel Saber. So Trevor, we just had the fun of sabering
these three bottles of Champagne. Trevor Guilday: That was awesome. Paul Anthony: It was pretty good fun. We got taught by our resident Champagne expert
Charles Felipe who lives in Champagne, France there couldn’t have been any better instructor
and you’re gonna see a link up here, above me to see that video on how to actually saber
a bottle of Champagne, and also in the description below. But the purpose of this video Trevor, is we’re
going to be taking a closer look at this saber, and if it’s worth the money. Also, if you hold out to the very end, we’re
gonna tell you how you can get your hands on a free one by being a Bespoke fan of our
channel. So anyway, Trev take it away. What did you think of the saber in the hand? I know you’ve sabered a couple of times before- Trevor Guilday: Yeah, I have. Paul Anthony: So what was your experience? Trevor Guilday: And, just from the looks of
it right out of the box, it’s an impressive looking piece. It’s got some weight to it and, judging by
what we just did outside [crosstalk 00:01:09]- Paul Anthony: Yeah, you could see the- Trevor Guilday: It’s nothing but successful. So, you can see that there. It did the job on all three of them. Important though to use Champagne when- Paul Anthony: Oh yeah, as a critical you’re
always gonna use a Champagne bottle. I actually found it a little bit tricky to
use over the other sabers that I’ve used, because I’ve been a straighter blade. So I actually had to have a couple of swipes
at the bottle before I managed to remove the cap itself off the bottle. There is a little bit of damage here, along
the edge. But let’s face facts, that probably actually
adds some- Trevor Guilday: Character. Paul Anthony: Some character and some kudos
that you can [crosstalk 00:01:45]- Trevor Guilday: Some stories. Paul Anthony: He didn’t actually just buy
a saber and display it. Trevor Guilday: Exactly. Paul Anthony: You know, this saber’s gone
through a few bottles now. A few war wounds. Actually, I think add a little bit of a something,
something to it. This will be a great display piece in our
Bespoke Unit studio, or in any home really. So, do you really need a saber? No, but do you want one? Hell yeah. Trevor Guilday: Definitely. And, how much does this retail for? Paul Anthony: So, this one retails for about
$225.00 U.S. dollars. Trevor Guilday: Okay. Paul Anthony: So, getting back to the beginning
of the video, if you wanna tell how we actually got the saber, Trevor? Trevor Guilday: Yeah. So, this is actually part of Rob Vices subscription
service, which Paul Anthony has a subscription for the last six months. And, basically they send really cool curated
boxes of products to your door every month, and this was in the December package- Paul Anthony: Correct, Trev. Trevor Guilday: I believe, which came with
a bottle of sparkling wine and this Georg Jensen Saber. And as a member of Bespoke Unit, or part of
our community, we actually have a special deal with Rob Vices where if you sign up now
for a [crosstalk 00:02:59]- Paul Anthony: Three months. Trevor Guilday: The minimum three month commitment,
you will get this Champagne saber for free. Paul Anthony: As a gift. So, that box is just under $100.00 a month. Trevor Guilday: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Paul Anthony: I think for the three month
subscription, it’s about $270.00. So you’re effectively getting the three boxes
for 50 bucks over the cost of the saber itself. So, we just wanted to touch on that. Links below and details, also have a page
on detailing that. Overall, would I buy the saber? Yes. Would I like to get it free? Even better. Trevor Guilday: Absolutely. Paul Anthony: You know. So, with that my name is Paul Anthony. Trevor Guilday: I’m Trevor Gilday. Paul Anthony: I’ll see you next time.

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