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– This is How To Drink, the
show about making cocktails and how to drink them. I’m Greg and I have never
been a professional bartender. I’ve never even had a job in a bar. I don’t worry too much about
precision and technique because at the end of the
day, if a drink you like is in the glass, you did it right. (jazzy music) Let’s get going. This is the Game of Thrones
edition of How To Drink. One of my favorite shows on TV right now is Game of Thrones, I
don’t know if I like it quite as much as Newhart but, always in a doozy, I like it a lot. I think some of the most
interesting characters in the books and the show are
the Warlocks of Karth, okay. We don’t know what they’re up to. We don’t know if they’re
working for the others. (fast forwards) We know that they drink
Shade of the Evening which is made from the leaves of the trees that grow around the House of the Undying and it stains their lips
blue and maybe it gives them magical powers. I don’t know. I thought that was a pretty
cool idea for a cocktail so we’re gonna try to
make that up right now, it’s How To Drink original,
kind of advanced cocktail. We’re gonna use, Batavia Arrack. We’re going to use Maurin Quina, we’re going to use gum syrup, we’re going to use some Demerara
syrup, we’re going to do an absinthe rinse and sage,
we’re gonna use sage too. In the books, Shade of
the Evening is described as tasting like a lot
of things, all things and no things at the
same time, rotting flesh, and baking apples and just every flavor. We’re gonna try to do
that but with as minimum rotting flesh flavor as we
could possibly get away with. I don’t have those trees that grow around the House of Undying,
’cause they don’t exist. I do have this which is
butterfly pea blossoms, they’re dried, these are used
in I think Thailand primarily to color various drinks. I first found out about these,
because I was interested in the history of blue
curacao, but what is that? Is that just something we
came up with in the 60s? We started putting Selsun
Blue into the curacao? No, actually blue curacao
goes back to the 16 or 1700’s they had these flowers and said, hey, everything’s better with blue in it. And you can do that, you can
take curacao or other spirits and steep these in there for a couple days and you will end up
with something very nice and electric blue. Did I mention the liquid nitrogen? Did I not mention the liquid nitrogen? We’re gonna also need some liquid nitrogen and we’re gonna do a technique that David Arnold came up
with called nitro-muddling and we’re gonna nitro-muddle some of these butterfly pea blossoms and some fresh sage leaves together. Without further ado let’s
make Shade of the Evening. And we’ll throw one, two, five sage leaves into my short tin. By nitro-muddling this,
what’s gonna happen is one, these are gonna get brittle
and pulverized into dust and two, because it’ll be in a completely oxygen devoid environment because it’ll be coated in liquid nitrogen it can’t oxidize, our herbs won’t brown the flavors won’t dull,
it will be the sharpest most present sage
flavor, we should be able to ever extract from the sage leaves. We’re also going to throw in a good number of these blossom flowers
and I’m not gonna lie that’s mostly for effect, that’s primarily to get a color that we’re
looking for out of this drink. Now I’m gonna throw some
liquid nitrogen in there and this is gonna make me
look like a mad scientist. Okay, so a little liquid nitrogen here. Goes right into, little liquid nitrogen, straight into your mixing tin. Not something I ever thought
I was going to say before. It’s very easy to just muddle this. All of the cells are just being
pulverized and broken open and cryogenically shattered right now. And I think that’s about good. (clangs) That looks very serious. I want to put in two
ounces of Batavia Arrack. Oh yeah, that happens. I want to put in a half
an ounce of Maurin Quina. I’m gonna put in a half an
ounce of Demerara syrup. Which is just simple syrup
made with Demerara sugar. I am going to put in a
half an ounce of gum syrup. And we’re doing that because
we want this to be thick in the books it’s described
as being really thick, viscous drink, almost like
old blood or something. While that’s happening, I’m gonna pour a little absinthe into my glass. And I’m gonna throw in another
splash of liquid nitrogen in there, mostly because I have it and it’s gonna look really cool. And it does. At this point we’re ready to shake. Ready to pour this now,
double strain this drink. Nitro-muddling leaves
really fine pulverized bits of herbs and I honestly
wish I had a finer strainer than this, but I don’t. I’m gonna garnish that
with a single sage leaf. And I’m gonna clap it between my hands to let it express some of it’s oils, I’m just gonna float it
right in the middle there, that’s a drink I’m gonna
call Shade of the Evening. As drunk by the Warlocks of
Karth in Game of Thrones. Let’s see how it came out. Oh my god that’s really good. That’s a really cool evolution. You get this like piney
note right up front, which is a little bit of the
Quina and the Batavia Arrack. Its sweet, its a very
sweet drink, I don’t know that I would ever want a
drink sweeter than this but this is not too sweet,
it’s just on the edge I would say it’s accurate
to the description of how sweet it is in the
book, the sweetness is tempered by the bitterness that you get from Quina and from the Batavia Arrack,
which is pretty strong stuff and it has a lot of funk to
it and then the sage actually, you really taste the sage, I don’t know if it’s just from
nitro-muddling it or what but you get flavors
out of it that are just so much more present, it comes
in after, it’s like you sip, you taste, you taste and then (claps) you get hit with sage. I think it’s a really neat drink. It evolves, it tastes like
a lot of different things at once. Looks about the right color,
it’s highly suspicious and it’s good. It’s a really cool drink. Oh that’s a good drink. I like any drink where you’re
drinking it, drinking it and you sip it and you
taste it and then it’s like (smacks) pops up into your nose and it gives you a whole different chapter in the drink, it has like, it
opens up a different flavor and this drink does that. There it is, Shade of the Evening
inspired by Game of Thrones as drank by the Warlocks of
Karth, very serious dudes. Good show, good books, I hope
you enjoy it as much as I do but I think it’s about to
start so I don’t have time to drink that at the moment,
I’m gonna save that for later. So I’ll just put it on ice and perfect. That’ll keep nicely and we’ll just put that under glass there. Beautiful, this is How To Drink a show about making cocktails
and how to drink them. I hope you liked the show and if you do, I hope you subscribe. I try to respond to all of your comments, sometimes I’m better
about that then others, if I didn’t get right back
to you, I’m very sorry. This week we did something
from Game of Thrones. We’re gonna do a little
bit more of that I think. I’ll see you next week
with another cocktail. (growls)

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