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Girl 1: This place is nice! So many clay pots!
Host: Hello! Welcome to Frunk Winery. Can I interest you ladies in tasting?
Girl 1: That is why we are here! I am trying to educate my friend.
Girl 2: yeah. I’m a real wine dummy. You could say that my palette was held back a few grades.
Host: That’s very funny. That’s a great joke. Well I assure you, if anyone can teach you
a thing or two, it’s me. So, that’s start with Merlo. hmm?
Girl 2: Merlo. Host: Just take a sip of that and tell me
what you taste. Girl 2: Red wine. Sorry. Hmm. Ok. I would
say that there’s raspberries and leather? I don’t know.
Host: Um. Actually, yes. Very good. Looks like someone’s smarter than she thought.
Girl 1: Maybe you should have he’s job. Girl 2: Maybe I will.
Host: Let’s try something more difficult. Girl 2: Oh!
Host: This is are O3 Chardenay. It’s much more subtle than our merlot.
Girl 2: mmmm! That’s good. Again, I know, not what I speak of, but if I had to guess,
grapefruit and sort of like a buttery- well, butter.
Host: You’re very good at this.You know, it’s almost like you’re cheating like a filthy
cheater. Girl 2: What?
Girl 1: Uh! Look at these peacock feathers! Host: Let’s more on to our-something else!
No worries! This is Frunk’s most deceiving wine. As it ages, it changes and evolves.
Girl 2: Agave and sandalwood. Host: God damn it! How do you- How do you
know what sandalwood even know what tastes like?
Girl 2: Well, when you grow up on a farm you end up putting a lot of different stuff in
your mouth. Girl 1: What kind of cheese is this?
Host: You two are obviously very classy. Girl 1: *laughing* My shoe broke!
Host: Classy ladies. I think you’ve earned our reserve stock.
Girl 1: Do you think they sell shoes here? *laughing*
Host: and here we are. So tell me expert, what’s in this one?
Girl 2: Ok. I am buying a bottle of this. This one is my favorite. There’s dragon fruit,
cherries, oak and a slight hint of fingernail. Host: Oh come on! I took classes in Spain
for this. Spain, Iowa. Girl 2: It would pair very well with an aged
brie. Host: Fuck you.
Girl 1: Maybe we should go? Host: We aren’t done yet.
Girl 2: I could drink more. Host: Great. Let me just freshen this up for
you. Girl 2: Peaches and Fritos. Pizza and your
uncle’s mustache. Mountain Dew and fruity pebbles. Peach cobbler and Elizabeth Taylor’s white
diamond. Tapioca and Purple stuff. Denim and dog fur. Ham sandwich and 9 volt batteries
bitch. Host: Ahhhhhhh! I give up. Hugh Frunk has
been bested. I am sorry father. I have failed you. Frunk Winery is yours. I’m just going
to go work in
a batmo. Girl 1: What just happened?
Girl 2: I have no idea. I’m hungry. You wanna go get something to eat?
Girl 1: Oh my god! Yes. Olive Garden? Both: Endless Breadsticks!
Girl 1: You’re buying. Girl 2: No problem. I own a winery now.
Girl 1: *laughing* so weird. Girl 2: I know.

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