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Hi, I’m Greg and this is How to Drink. I’ve never worked in a bar, held a position as a bar back, been a bar apprentice… Been… Uh, I’ve been in a bar, I’ve been in lots of bars. this is How to Drink A show about making cocktails and drinking them Let’s get going. We’re gonna make a French 75. A favorite drink of The Lost Generation in the 1920’s They drank em’ in France It is named for a piece of French artillery the 75 millimeter gun, It’s a very potent gun with a high rate of fire. I think that the name comes from the propensity for people to drink a lot of them in a night and not realize how strong they were. It is a potent drink and they definitely sneak up on you. We’re gonna use the St. George Terroir gin we’re gonna use gomme syrup We’re gonna need a lemon for some lemon juice and of course we need champagne And I would suggest champagne, and uh, Ya know, keep it French. It’s two ounces of gin into your tin. Two ounces of gin in your tin… Yeah we’re gonna do a half an ounce of gomme syrup one ounce of lemon juice put a little ice in my shaker right now strain this into our glass and now we have to open this champagne bottle I had this idea a little while back that Ernest Hemingway… I don’t think he ever poured champagne into a glass without throwing a dash of absinthe into it So I tried out putting two dashes of absinthe into the top of this giving it a little stir up and down Oh my god. It changes the drink from being very good, to something that is in my opinion, transcendent Maybe it’s not your taste, if you don’t like absinthe, certainly it won’t be your taste I love absinthe I like this drink too much. I like this drink too much. This is a French 75 with a little absinthe in it, two dashes of absinthe Hey if you like the show I’d love to hear your comments, if you make this drink I’d love to hear what you think of it If you have a preferred recipe for a French 75 I’d love to hear about that too. Guys if you like the show, subscribe. Thank you so much for watching, This is How to Drink, I’m Greg, I’ll see you next week with another drink.

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