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– This is How to Drink, the
show about making cocktails, and how to drink them. I’m Greg, and I have never
been a professional bartender. I’ve never even had a job in a bar. I don’t worry too much about
precision and technique because at the end of the
day, if the drink you like is in the glass, you did it right. Let’s get going. This week we’re gonna make a Final Word, Final Ward, Final, how do you say ward? This week we’re making a
Final Word, Final, goddamn it, Final Word, Final Ward, Final Ward, Ward, Ward, Ward, Ward, Ward, Ward. Okay, here we go. Let’s make a Final Ward, it’s a variation. (people laughing) What, did I not do it? – [Man] Ward, Ward!
– Ward. – Ward.
– Ward, Ward. War, War, War, Ward.
– Ward! – I’m Greg, this is How to
Drink, the show about making cocktails and how to drink
them, and this week let’s make a Final Wo, Were, Ward, Word, Wor, Word. Ward, Ward, Ward. This week let’s make a Final Ward. This drink is a variation
on the Last Word, which is a gin-based drink,
this is a rye-based drink that comes to us from Phil Ward, bartender at Death & Co. ‘Cause it’s the Final Were, Ward, Word, Ward, the Final Word. In case you haven’t noticed,
I have a little problem pronouncing that, I don’t know why, probably because I’m partially drunk. Without any further ado,
there’s not much more to say about this except that
this a really good drink. Let’s make it. An ounce of lemon juice. Now it’s an ounce of Maraschino. An ounce of rye. I’m using a Rittenhouse
Bottled-in-Bond rye, excellent rye for
cocktails, really top-notch, pairs well with most things. One ounce of Chartreuse,
you’re gonna want the green Chartreuse, the yellow
Chartreuse is mellowed, I think with honey, but I could be wrong. And that’s our ingredients
for this, equal parts, so we’ve got ice in our
shaker, let’s shake this drink, it’s a shaken drink, so
you’ve gotta shake it. This drink is shaken, so shake it. I’m gonna serve this drink
in my favorite coupe. I suggest you serve it
in your favorite coupe. Okay, so there it is. A Final Ward, a Final Ward, yes! Yes, Jesus, thank you! (laughs) There it is, a Final Ward. I love this drink. Oh man, that is so good. It is just, it has a beautiful color, it needs no garnish, it tastes phenomenal. Well here’s to you, Phil Ward. For making a phenomenal drink. It’s very strong as well. Chartreuse does not mess around, rye of course, is a serious spirit, this is a drink to put hair on your chest. This is a drink that just
kinda makes me wanna sing and I can’t sing, I get
reminded of that every time I try to by my wife, she
tells me, “Do not sing.” I hope you enjoy the show, if you did, would you do me a favor
and please subscribe? Why not? If you have something to say, let me know. I like to respond to your comments. I do my best to get to all of them. If you hate the show, let me know. I’ll see if I can fix it
for you, I really will, I’ll do my best, no joke. I probably won’t, but I’ll
see you next week anyway with another drink on How to Drink. ♫ Lay, lady lay ♫ Lay across my big brass

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