FAMILY BOAT LIFE – Mykonos, 350000€ Champagne? (Ep. #5)

welcome to our new life we let our family, friends and our house, everything we left behind us i quit my job and my stable life in switzerland I let my friends, my school and my foogball club behind we let everything to live on a boat welcome on board this is Mykonos arriving in Mykonos hello sailors hello everybody, this time we are in Mykonos we would like to show you a little bit what we did and our point of view very personal, everything about Mykonos I always dreamd of going to Mykonos, so we said let’s do it and go there is no other way to get your own opinion that going yourself for me it’s a place with lot’s of bars special bars never noted or seen in my experiencer better bars to enjoy the sunsets amazing doors you enter and you can see the sunset music from the 90’s drink a very exclusive drink perfect. till… you need to pay! yes for sure, you don’t have to get drunk ok… why not… from the new port you can catch the seabus. The cost is just 2 Euros for an adult they bring you to the old town of Mykonos there are two kilometers following the road where you can’t walk for this reason you need to take the seabus Mykonos with kids. Mykonos is a place where they accept kids there are bars and obviously lot’s of clubs is the characteristic of Mykonos. And the kids are welcome. a place where you can sit down with your little ones enjoy a drink and the sunset we could see the sunset, we were dancing and we had a awesome time and for sure you can also find restaurants still you can find pitas for a very good price and eat out look this is fast food in Greece they are called pitas either with porc or chicken with salad and always they add some french fries and look what there is have a look the small truck film my mom the base is like a pizza dough. Kind of a Tortilla and now look, I think a can’t with yogurt sauce don’t make your white dresses dirty please I’m very white and for the kids, not one playground but ok there are beautiful beaches, so enjoy them but no playgrounds… except the beaches for me not a reason to not like it a lot all the small stores with clothes some with things that you don’t often see in other places lot’s of art as well a small museum, very tiny it’s a place let’s say it’s exotic, it’s sexy and lots of good looking people thank you for the new followers Thanks a lot to all of you that following us and a kiss to switzerland what a kiss? you don’t say it that way in swiss german? kisses…

9 thoughts on “FAMILY BOAT LIFE – Mykonos, 350000€ Champagne? (Ep. #5)

  • Just loving your channel guy's. It's unique! The multi language commentary is a brilliant concept. As for Mykonos: Lovely but, there have been so many places in our Med travels so far, that are all bars, loud music till 4am, banana boats, jet skis, parachute boats and ski boat focused. Which we guess is what 2 week tourist's want? However, there are just a few places where the beaches are outstanding, the music is subdued and the anchorages peaceful with kids swimming and playing in the water, small bars with good prices and good food. They are few and far between but, when you find them…….. The Med is just stunning. Sail Safe. Ant, Cid and the pooch crew xx.

  • No llego ni a la esquina cuando ya quiero regresarme con mis hijos jajajaja, es mucha responsabilidad cuida mucho a los tuyos DTB 🙌

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