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did you ever have a fake ID would you get them Asian mom a lot of older Asian girls look like me true all Asians look the same two bouncers have you ever been arrested no no what no not arrested you got thrown out where I'm grown up knowing my mom doesn't drink so we went to another bar when did you lose your virginity did you use protection two months before I turned 17 I thought I was younger [Laughter] did you ever drop me when I was a baby oh yeah who's your favorite child easy first floor in first love okay what position was I conceived in a miracle baby have you ever had a threesome what do know but not I haven't would you I don't think I would seek it out but if presented itself maybe oh wait wait wait what is that gonna be with if there's one thing you'd change about me what would it be have you ever had a threesome question mark would you question mark yes I knew it loves Hugh Jackman do you or have you ever watched adult films yes I'm gonna improv okay what is your favorite sexual position please drink this drink wait I need more chaser okay so that's not take it right no it burns it out if there's one thing you change about me what would it be I'd want you to be less selfless you care too much about other people and you don't put yourself in fun ever when I moved out we relieved her sad I was very sad for a few weeks sometimes it's hey can you Photoshop that let's drink to that there's to us do you want to play truth or drink at home we put a pull list of questions as well as all information down in the description box below if you haven't already be sure and click Subscribe so you can be the first to know when we post new content click above to see the two main videos of truth or drink with couples and with parents and kids then let us know what questions you would have had to drink on in the comments down below Cheers

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