we had to get this one from you guys missile soup [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hey guys welcome back to another food haul today we’re gonna be tasting various hot drinks from vending machines found in our neighborhood there are so many varieties of hot drinks around our home I did not realize I don’t buy so much hot drinks from the vending machine but today we found many rare stuff yes yes that’s true you know usually you know we take the same street from our home to the station and so we always see the same vending machines and today we decide to check out the small little nooks and crannies you know in the back alleyways and we found like some very interesting stuff now we’re gonna start off with some soos now this is very very interesting and unique because you’re only available during the colder months so if you are visiting during the colder months and if you find this drink check out the first I’m going to try out is corn soup are you a fan of corn soup so so so so yeah corn soup compote a soup yes everywhere true true it’s one of the most popular soups here in Japan it’s my mother’s favorite I think for me it depends how good it is and let’s see how this vending machine won’t taste like so this is the first one it’s got a sick I know keychain and it’s super hot Naoko competent coco Petacci which means rich corn potage soup let’s pour this into the cup like that and it’s very thick thick looking and let’s check out no there’s not that much corn kernels but I guess it’s enough for a can because it is too much corn in the can it will be hard to drink yes it is very difficult to eat Connells it from the cab that’s true that’s trendy and you’re like always that Colonel that commute wonderful mm-hmm if it does we just computed quite potage and looks really thick I was in story rolling dough Laura means thick and soupy this is um actually corn and cheese soup I see yeah we didn’t notice the cheese corn and cheese from those Atari from North Italy not know they tell us the wisdom of knows it early okay so like inspired by inspired Leander 50p all right now I’ll be honest with you I’m not a huge fan of this one it’s okay I don’t know it’s tasty I feel like it needs a little bit more salt or seasonings to the plan for me um what do you think the most of a couple compote a days like this you think so really I feel like the the regular corn potage is sweeter taking regular we turn up around want the can well I can’t what it’s a Alma regular edit and camera I think it’s a little sweeter mmm so the next one is onion consummate mmm rich on your own consomme soup ah much I love I love oh yeah we’re warming the can sound up in our kitchen so that they don’t become cold but I think the worm did not a little too much I like on your own console my soup you do you like anything again though right I don’t like on your lover yeah may I yes you may yes you make you a large amount it looks cloudy it’s a cloudy onion soup for some reason I envisioned it being a clear shoe ah right mmm it’s all can almost look like miso soup so soup for um tea like tea yeah yeah like a cloudy milk tea how is it hmmmm that was a very iffy reaction mmm I accept to the more thicker thicker thicker Billy so it’s not as good as you thought it was by the way this is a by the the popke popgun Sapporo brand this is not bad not bad not bad really much I expected multicolored mmm you’re right this yeah it’s like it’s like they added too much water or something right but it needs a little more salt what is it there’s like little bits of onions in here it’s interesting a really on you real onions yes the onions are good really yeah but you know if you’re drinking it from the can it’s really hard to get to the onions a little bit you just like the core Nate hold on you know there should be more onions in there when you only too sweet the onion is me Jenna but yeah I don’t know it’s just okay for me I was expecting a lot more because the can looks so good the picture on the can look at the first one the corn and cheese potage mmm that’s just okay I’m usually a big fan of their drinks I’m surprised it’s miso soup yet from a vending machine we found this randomly while we were walking I think you know we had eight and we were just gonna go home but we had to get this one with you guys miso soup didn’t know it existed in our part of town this contains 70 baby clams yes it does and it’s supposed to be good for your liver if you guys are drinkers so this would be essential for you it’s a very popular a miso soup product mmm yeah with the clams inside because there are a lot of people who drink a lot of beer here in Japan oh my god there are no cameras inside I thought they were cleansing this can says this is image there are no plans inside right and there’s like nothing here there’s no green onions org brought with them the the essence of 70 clams this is the best soup already so far I love Liddy it’s so tasty you can really take all ends really smooth over miso and clumps oh this is delicious oh very convenient very convenient way to get miso soup if you have craving for that meat I want to drink after drink up cord are you gonna drink alcohol tonight maybe not maybe not oh this is amazing the next one is coffee coffee yes I love the way you’re holding that can I should do that yes it is hmm copy maybe coffee is the most of common and hot drinks in the vending machine mm-hmm and they have a lot of variety Oh different brand with sugar with milk of pellagra that’s true that’s true and variety of coffees different brands yeah so why did you get why did you choose this one because this is black the concept the cow says it’s just because this is deep roasted right okay so let’s pour the coffee into the cup Padma smells coffee it’s not like coffee yeah like it’s coffee good coffee yeah it is coffee though I don’t drink coffee so I’m not gonna taste this this one how is it and also he only drinks blood coffee he doesn’t really like sugar or cream I don’t drink can coffee because it is always too light oh I see yeah you like yours a bit richer picture tasty it’s good this is good but I need more strong one very good the roasted flavor hmm yeah once again I don’t drink coffee because I if I do again heart palpitations any of you get the same symptoms I don’t know why I get hard top palpitations but I do wanna drink coffee unfortunately how inconvenient I know but I used to drink coffee I mean you know until about three years ago so it’s really strange since I don’t drink coffee I got myself some green tea and this is called hojin in Senegal each day and it’s a brand that I never had before I never had this but I usually like teas from vending machines they’re pretty good in this I’ve been digging machine Dara no Tony there yes there was a lottery yes there was a lot of ESA we were so excited especially you you were like super excited which is why we bought two items from this vending machine if you get four sevens in a row you can get one more two three full numbers four numbers item number really it doesn’t have to be seven it can be I need answers okay it’s interesting and you know what you might be wondering uh they’re trying to trick you but it does work sometimes because sometimes we win yes I won’t race on Jukka station yeah we’re like so excited yeah I didn’t expect it but who are you get a free drink it’s a very beautiful color well yep it’s not green the color is almost amber it’s a beautiful color and it smells very good yeah the aroma of the tea leaves mmm beautiful cotton mm-hmm good you know this tastes different from the normal I’m really green tea that I usually have the brand that I have it tastes much different oh right what is it I never earn how do you like very tea like it is tea this tea but a great key like tea we make in a house true true it doesn’t taste like it’s from a bottle right right my tweet with which is the hallmark of a good green tea in a bottle okay now it’s time for something different we also found well ship calm yes what should it go I’ve never I’ve never tried what should it go from from Bendigo Monsieur can underwear I have because I’m a huge fan of sugar cup or zenzai and we have a recipe for you if you’re interested in making this at home click that eye up there what you call is a soup made out of a Azuki beans is sweetened and such a sweet soup I don’t even like this already may I may I taste it first no cost also do love it love it here love it this is so easy to making it’s basically Azuki beans with sugar Oh a little bit of salt whoa Wow isn’t it beautiful this is perfect you know when it is all cold outside the middle winter and I’m standing on the train platform and you know in this so-called this really hits the spot the next one is no your milk cheap so this is my one ovarian brides it’s coach I cut in it means The Legend of flowers or something like that okay and they’re using a Hokkaido green yes yes they are it’s very good which makes it very very rich it’s a big rich tasting milk tea that’s why it’s called royal milk tea let’s open it up and it’s pour it in mmm look at that really milk cheek color yes it is it is you like it I do how open do you drink this royal milk tea in the during the winter I probably drink it every day every day every day yeah oh wow this certain brand is not that sweet you try it I do have a more favorite one my favorite one is gonna poach ah but this one is like my second favorite especially why I don’t want it too sweet you really really like royal milk tea I really really really really do okay we’re down to the last two drinks and we’re gonna finish it off with sweet stuff although we’ve been drinking a lot of sweet things okay so this is Coco hot cocoa it says an old Coco Coco which means rich cocoa and this is me with Hokkaido creme fraiche creme and I’ve never tried this one I’ve tried Coco for the vending machine before I’m a huge fan mmm and I’m a huge fan of um hot drinks from vending machines they’re really good to me so uh anyway let’s open this up and let’s see what looks like Oh immediately I love that rich color of the Coco I do I do and I can smell the cocoa already look at that so chocolaty mmm chocolate Conner yes it’s nice it’s nice um not my favorite brand this tastes like instant cocoa most of the cocoa is instant not really um there there is a couple of in front of me know that I buy for the vending machines and they taste very rich like cocoa that you drink at a cafe or something this one is a little instant tasting I think that’s why this was a 100 yen because this one was quite cheap yeah usually is around 130 yen or something oh this one came for the lottery yes ah that’s why it tastes like this hmm what do you think hmm this is called miracle safety yeah which means a milkshake it’s a hot milkshake course really two milkshake milkshake it’s transferred to Japanese milkshake I think so Oh IIIi II I think so I’m not sure yeah I do not know that yeah and on the Kanna says I’ll record every one on that side this is like a rebuy everyone used to drink this back then that’s what it says I personally have never eyeball had this ever so I’m really looking forward to this like milk tea it’s like no tea it looks like it Oh tastes like candy yeah it’s like liquid candy a little bit egg egg mmm that’s why because it’s kind of like I’m egg nog but not as a Oh like eggnog without the eggy and yeah eggie candy milk candy boy oh boy this taste do you – yeah really hmm I’m not familiar I remember this taste it’s good though it’s really comforting and it makes me happy it’s a taste that makes me happy um I can’t remember I remember this best but I can’t I can’t remember when all went well what oh well I’m I’m kind of a fan of this yeah I like this way better than like some of the other stuff we tried but what did you like best today sometimes today’s the best yeah you choose just one here just one yeah you know what never mind let’s choose – it’s just – I can’t choose just one miso soup miso soup I chose my second one second alone yes second favorite mix it really ah okay well my favorite one today is um I cannot be honest mrs. su this a miso soup with clam flavor amazing amazing I could drink this every day second favorite is ocean there you go yes the red bean soup I understand it I love this someone I could drink this every day as well you know I can’t drink both of these every single day so hope you guys enjoy today’s video let us know what you thought in the comments below and which one was your favourite mission are you curious to try out let us know in the comments down below as well make sure to check out our other vending machine videos so you can get you can get them by clicking on the eye right up there thanks for watching subscribe and until next time take care guys bye bye [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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