[Eng,Kor sub] Mold wine?! but taste like smoothie? red rice wine 빨간 곰팡이 막걸리, 붉은 원숭이와 술취한 원숭이

Mold. Ohhh. My favourite flavour. Mold – that’s what it was. I was like – oh this is so familiar! It’s mold! cause I like disgusting stuff! Hi I’m Alina and I ‘m from Latvia. Hi I’m Hannah and I’m from England. Hi I’m Justyna and I’m from Poland. Today, we have traditional Korean liquor from Sulseam Brewery in Yongin. We have steralised Makgeolli ‘Red Monkey,’ and the fresh Makgeolli ‘Drunk Monkey.’ The colour is really pretty. It’s so red, looks like strawberry juice. A bit like a smoothie. What is this drink made of? A thing called red yeast, you grow the mould/fungi on the rice grains. Apparently it’s healthy. It’s good for lowering cholesterol. Steralised Makgeolli first? Time to open the bottle~ Here you go. Bulggeun wonsoonggi, it means red monkey. What is the monkey reference? Monkeys are awesome, They are smart and you don’t trust them, apparently. There’s a strong sour smell of makgeolli. Cheers! Cheers! What is this? There’s a fruity taste. It’s very round and soft. Doesn’t it taste as if it has milk in it? Yeah, that’s how smooth it is. That’s like a smoothie. Yeah. A boozy smoothie. A milky sort of texture. It’s a bit thicker isn’t it, yeah. The ABV is rather strong. Almost 11%.(10.8%) Almost 11%?! Since sterilized makgeolli can be kept for longer They say it’s good to take it as a gift abroad. The colour is nice for that too. Vegans would approve. It is vegan though. I’m not vegan. Thank god. You’re offending vegans everywhere. I like vegans. Just saying, I like vegans. I have vegan friends. My stepmum’s vegan, pretty much. I spoke to a vegan once, so… Yeah, they’re fine. ‘Cause you know not all wines are not vegan. Yeah. (Makgeolli) is not filtered with fish guts, that’s good to know. What?!?! That’s why it’s not vegan. Most wines are not vegan because they have been filtered with fish guts. A lot of beers are as well. We’ll get back to that. Right now we’re discussing Makgeolli. It’s so tasty. It’s good for drinking it bit by bit. Maybe this is not so good with food. Maybe you’ll be too full after. Shall we drink the next one? Yeah~ Next up! ‘Drunk Monkey’!!!!! It’s a fresh makgeolli. It seems to have darker colours. That’s right. Drunk Monkey is darker. It’s overflowing! There’s so much fizz. Wow! It’s Bloody Mary! Where’s the celery stick? CHHHAN everyone! It’s much lighter. And much more neat. The colour is darker but the texture is finer. Right You don’t feel the fizz as much as expected. I really like that. I don’t know, what is this? It’s very familiar but… Strawberry? I think it’s savoury. It’s very nice, it’s growing on me. I can imagine this will really go well with food. Meaty stuff because it’s red, I’m thinking red wine. It’s not as sweet either, so I think it will go quite well (with food). Isn’t the Drunk Monkey less sweet than the other one? I think there’s that. Maybe it’s because of the fizz. But don’t you think it smells stronger. That specific smell unique to Makgeolli… There is a prickly feeling at the tip of the tongue. I’m gonna say it’s got a flat taste. It’s a subtle taste. That’s why you (sniff) and think ‘I wonder what this is.’ It does taste quite savoury. It almost tastes like some kind of sauce. It kind of forms some kind of red mould(fungi) on the rice – that’s what gives it the colour. Mold. Ohhh. My favourite flavour. Mold that’s what it was. I was like – oh this is so familiar! It’s mold! cause I like disgusting stuff! I would like to bring this back with me. Absolutely pleased. It’s a success. We found another great makgeolli. Have we ever not found it? What do you think about Red Monkey? It’s really nice. It’s better than the previous one. It’s a bit strong, but it’s a kind of a nice feeling. To me Red Monkey is a dessert wine almost. Very sweet. It’s smoothie. It’s what you expect a smoothie to be. Yeah, it(Red Monkey) tastes a lot more filling. I don’t think you’ll be able to drink a lot of it. It’s thicker and more… Maybe it’s more the word tart. But that’s the word I’d use to describe the other one as. Whereas this one is a bit more, easier to drink. It doesn’t make your mouth go as numb… I still prefer the previous one (drunk monkey). It’s less sweet and more tarty. I personally prefer the Red Monkey. Me too. It’s different to the usual makgeollis I’ve tried. But I don’t know exactly why. Could it be because you see a different colour? Red Monkey is for after the meal. The Drunk Monkey is more for during the Meal. So the first one we have is the Aperitivo. And this one is the dessert wine. You’re already hosting a rice wine dinner party in your ahead. I do. With my imaginary friends. Hosting a Makgeolli tasting.

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