hello sub to guava because it is going to help your life later What’s up Youtube! Today, we’re going to show you 10 Energy Drinks you never knew existed! LET’S GO! Music ALRIGHT! Let me show you what kind of energy drinks we got in store for you today!! DRAGONTAIL, DRAGONTAIL! ENERGY DRINK STREET FIGHTER DRAGON PUNCH! Energy Drink MOSTACHE ELIXIR Energy Drink! The Simpsons Flaming Moe, energy drink.Ms Pac Man warp tunnel, energy drink. Resident evil T- Virus Antidote. Energy drink. And we got that Popeye Energy drink. We got the Sonic The Hedgehog. Energy drink. We got that Zombie Survival Energy Drink. And the classic Bawls. Energy Drink. Alright so, we’re gonna try to taste all of them and see which one is the best, which one gives you the most energy, which has most vitamins of course, and which one prevents the flu. Anyways, we are going to start with Dragontails You can say it has a dragon. Obviously it’s “Dragon tails”. Spelled with a tail. Like the regular tail. By the way, energy drinks aren’t the best for you. It’s bad for your heart Your heart will explode if you drink one red bull. Red Bull sponsers me, I’m sorry I said that. But please do it. Anyways, ANYWAYS. (laughs) Here we go. (bottle cap pops off) (sniffing) This smells delicious. Here we go. This goes out to you Charlie. You know who you are. Yeah, I’m talking to you! What’s your name, comment down below! oooh…aoooh….eeewwwhh… It’s not the best ’cause It kinda tastes like lime! Think of lime. Except it’s old lime Mixed with old lemons, mixed in to Sprite that’s what it is Basically a really dirty Sprite. I like the name though! Dragontails Dragontails, come along Dragon land! 😀 Anyways! Next up we have STREET FIGHTER DRAGON PUNCH! This is my boy Kin say whats up Kin. Yea I see you Hadooken into my life right now. Alright guys, we got to open this (The Marlin Guava Callls)


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