Duracell Optimum | Beach x Bear

would you rather have a battery that delivers extra life or extra power I have the whole Beach to Kong extra life I'm gonna disagree that's the power extra life after power extra life extra life good news versus coppertop new Duracell optimum can do vote extra life in some devices or extra power in others because both is better than not both [Applause]

3 thoughts on “Duracell Optimum | Beach x Bear

  • This ad is very unclear and whoever wrote it clearly doesn't understand how batteries works, the life and power of batteries aren't controlled by the same thing, you can't have the same battery last longer in one device and give more power in a different device without boosting both In both devices.

  • WTF is this??? OMG Really? Is this a #joebiden add? This add is the most racist add I have ever seen in years. Do you people at Duracell even realize you are depicting an old rich white man with gold around his neck! In-furring that he has stolen it from this black person! And this white dude is probably not even gay! Then "you people" at Duracell show this black man as if…. all black people are just trying to stay alive. And we are. Just don't make it so obvious.
    @MakeDice #markdice. If I didn't know any better Duracell is a maga company.

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