Drinking Coffee Could Reduce Suicide Risk

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons / Julius
Schorzman) BY MATT PICHT Good news for caffeine addicts: A new study
out of Harvard University says drinking coffee can reduce the risk of suicide. The study, which was published in The World
Journal of Biological Psychiatry, used data from three different surveys to examine the
caffeine consumption of over 200,000 people. Drinking two to three cups of caffeinated
coffee a day cut chances of suicide by 50 percent in study participants. Researchers believe caffeine in the coffee “may
act as a mild antidepressant by boosting production of certain neurotransmitters in the brain,” leading
to a lower risk of depression. (Via Harvard University)

Time points out this study joins a slew of new research touting the benefits of caffeinated
beverages. “To hear most recent research tell it, coffee
is a miracle drink. The magic beans will ward off skin cancer and Alzheimer’s, reduce heart
failure and diabetes risks, heighten focus, and maybe even protect liver health. … Regardless,
we’ll raise our mugs to this most recent study for giving us one more validation for our
vice.” But if you’re feeling blue, don’t reach for
the coffee pitcher just yet. The Independent warns most people’s bodies adapt to a standard level
of caffeine, and a dramatic spike in coffee-drinking can have negative side effects. Although this latest study couldn’t pinpoint
the optimal amount of caffeine for lowering depression, an earlier Harvard study suggested
four cups of coffee a day had the maximum effect.

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