7 thoughts on “Drink A Beer – Strum Guitar Cover Lesson with Chords/Lyrics

  • Great stuff , and thank you. There are more technical ways of playing this (and most of the songs) you cover. But, this simplistic breakdown is absolutely perfect for a quick learn and works just as well playing and entertaining. Again … Thanks !

  • Somebody please do a cover of before I take this drink or sunny ledfurd I can't find chords or anything on this song please help or direct me to a website where I can find the chords

  • Awesome video. Simple but easy to follow, I love it. Do you think you add a song called Blessed Assurance. I'd appreciate it very much if you are able. 😃

  • lol I'm having a hard time with the strumming but great video! I haven't touched my guitar in a few years and just recently picked it back up. this has really pushed me to get back into it thanks! ps any chance you could tell me the strum pattern and what beats each strum land in? thanks again!

  • Every time I watch one of your videos it makes me want to memorize another song. Thank you.

    (PS is that an eight count strum pattern?)

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