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Hello Dragons, I am Andy Murray, the founder of Something Bakery And I am here today to ask for £50,000 in exchange for 15% equity in my company Over the last 20 years we have seen the emergence of imagine a perfectly baked parmesan toasted pine nut and puzzle biscuit with a glass of champagne We at the drinks bakery create delicious savory biscuits that are expertly flavored for effect So they actually compliment great drinks and we’re already selling our range into some of the best beer bars, wine bars Delis, and bottle shops where we’re establishing a premium snack brand but partners with the very best drinks breath after almost two years of trials and development we’ve recently launched, and we sold our first 5,000 packs of drinks biscuits in just a little over 10 weeks we’re talking to one of the biggest duty-free retailers in the world, who are especially interested in our drinks biscuits for gin and Whiskey that we’re currently developing, and we’re already planning our first export sales to China later this year. We’re on a mission to Export far and wide to a discerning global food and drinks audience resulting in a year three target turnover of £2.4 million Thank you for listening, and remember that every great drink deserves a great snack from the drinks bakery Would you like to try? Definitely. Yes a business that marries up biscuits and beverages is the proposition from Andy Murray would certainly recommend the champagne with the the green box He wants a 50,000 pound investment for 15% of his company And once you’ve had a little taste I’ll be very happy to take any questions you have. I’m sorry, I’m busy It looks like Deborah Medan is already a fan Hi Andy I really like them. What’s nice? It’s not just the taste. It’s the feel in the mouth. Yes biscuit Yeah, it’s really important that funny enough. That’s your crispiest one. It was quite like the slightly softer one when you’re drinking Yeah, you know that’s just a personal taste so, are you a chef? Yeah yeah, there’s an eye, you know, this stuff’s in my DNA, you know, I grew up in a food obsessed family and you know mom and dad were foodies, you know before it was even cool, you know back in the 70s and 80s and So it’s not unusual for me to find myself, you know making my own snacks So you did, you did the recipe, you actually did it for development, they’re yours. Completely. They’re great. Thank you Andy, I do drink in pubs, I do like craft beer. I’m not really a champagne drinker But I’d occasionally I do if I get invited rent a toukas house But I actually think the products nice, I think it tastes nice so I kind of get it But I’m slightly concerned about the stage of where you are It’s a complete and utter start-up How much money have you put into it so far? I’ve put in about seventeen and a half thousand Yeah, it’s been in development for a couple of years now So I’ve been very thorough in terms of the research. You don’t work to invest 17k Is all that money gone? You know, we’ve a little bit in the bank at the moment I’m impressed to have 17,000 pounds to to have a product that tastes great, packaged with the design, and on a shelf That’s amazing people spend that on trademark Sometimes on the comments. Yeah. Thank you High praise for the entrepreneur who’s managed to build a company without splashing too much cash now from business, to biscuits, as Touker Suleyman prepares to deliver a review of the nibbles Am I sad just tasted two of them, my first impression is there’s nothing new in the taste Very predictable and, the taste in my mouth… That’s me. However, what I’d like to know is what does that cost? And what do you sell it for? Okay, yeah, so that cost 58p And we whole sale it at £1.15 Wholesale it and what about to a distributor? To a distributor 90p. Okay, sells for £2.50? So that sells for £1.95 in the off trade, £2.50 in the bar. Right What’s the potential of getting this into an Asda, or a Tesco Do you think there is a demand for it? What we’ve done is, we’re already developing products that are going to be suitable for the retail You’re saying we, who’s the team? Ok, um, me me and my biscuits Right, we mean you, yes Andy, in a pub or a non-trade Location this is usually at the back behind the counter, right? Yes. This is what we’re gonna change. Okay? To this point snacks, have always been seen as a passive sale with a snack like this The outlet can actually be proud of a product that they’ve got on the sale by the way, you’re at the IPA You’ve got you really need to try it with you know These drink biscuits that have been profiled to match. Right now that makes total sense. Thank you And these trailblazing ideas for shaking up a traditional market, are hitting the spot with Tej Lalvani But Jenny Campbell thinks the entrepreneur might be missing a trick with his brand message Hi Andy, Jenny. Hello Jenny. I think there’s something here about the story that needs to wrap around this because, it is a great story what you’ve said about your parents and growing up as a foodie and then creating this on your own kitchen table and the pairing with the wines. Yeah, it was just to see this in a farm shop. I wouldn’t necessarily make that connection Yeah, so I like that whole concept see, there’s a lot to do around it in its very early days It’s finding that you know, Holy Grail, I’m pushing its doors. Yeah, if they’re opening I’m going through them Well, I think you’re opening the doors yourself, very, very well It’s just you’ve got to hone in on which is the door that’s going to create the revolution. Yes Do you have a view of that? What would be the game changer? It’s about nailing down the distributor’s at the moment and also all the while we’ve maybe looking at that Retailing in the multiple, you know getting the product right for them getting the price points right in that sector as well. Okay? I really like him And I suspect you’re not gonna need a lot of management. You want contacts And opening the doors and I think that’s probably all you’re going to need Yep So I’m gonna make you an offer I’m gonna offer you all of the money and And I want 25% of the business Debra Meaden thinks she spotted a hassle-free investment and makes a play for the company Does Tej Lalvani also want a bite of the biscuit business Andy, You’ve done a really good job on the flavors and the tasting But I think I can do a lot in terms of retail distribution for you And I think the supermarket’s will be quite interested, because they sell a huge amount of alcohol In terms of international, I can definitely help you there We sell number hundred countries with distributors in supermarkets. So I – I too am going to make you an offer For fifty thousand pounds for 25 percent But, I could be willing to share that. Okay, thank you. Tej Lalvani wants in and he’s willing to partner up with another dragon to seal the deal Will Touker Suleyman be willing to join forces, or make a rival bid of his own? Andy You got your offers And I can see 100 percent way I’m not sure about the pull up for my own taste, but I can understand, where it fits and how understand how commercial it is So don’t take it personally. I’m looking in Bristol, and I am out. Andy It’s a great product. You’re really good. You’re pushing on doors Can soon sort out which door to push through and go for growth This is definitely definitely gonna go somewhere It’s just a little bit early for me, not quite the right fit just yet, so I’m going to wish you all the best And say cheers, I’m out Jenny Campbell shuns the snack business, leaving only one dragon still to stake his claim Peter Jones planning on making it a hat-trick of offers Andy, it’s weird because it’s kind of feels almost too new and too early stage and yet There’s lots of things that I like To get it to this stage for 17,000 pounds Really shows that you know how to look after money And I do think that you’ve got an opportunity to get this product out there I’m gonna make you an offer. I’m gonna offer you all of the money, Then I too would be willing to accept 25%, but I’d also be willing to share with another dragon Thank you And Andy, I’ll just add something. I would be willing to share an investment So I’ve just made your life even more difficult. Thank You, Debra Wanna go think about it? It’s neck-and-neck, as Debra Medan Tej Levani and Peter Jones all compete for 25% of the business But at 10 percent more than the 15 percent and Andy wanted to give away Has he got the wherewithal, to muster up a better deal? Um, Would you be willing to Consider a clawback of 5%, maybe once I pay back the money that I’m That you’ve invested I’m definitely your man with this. I can help you build a brand get the distribution get the shelf space and Help you with the International, try and make it into a major brand I’m gonna have to stick with what it is. Okay Peter and Deborah, yeah in what timescale? 18 months Yeah, feels reasonable Yes, yeah I would like to accept your offer Good luck, excellent I am going to put on so much weight I’m just gonna drink with you and research. Thank you

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