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– What’s up, it’s Collins Key, and for today’s video,
I am doing another DIY. Now I did my very first
ever DIY last week, and there was so much positive
response on that video. I’m like, you know what, we’re gonna do another DIY right now. But this time, ’cause I’m
kind of like a DIY master by this point, heh, come at me bro. For this one I wanted
to do a DIY jello soda. Basically how it works, I’ve
got the soda all right here. I’m not gonna be DIY-ing
every single one of these. I shouldn’t shake it. And if you want me to
do even more DIY videos, let me know by liking this video, and if this video gets enough
thumbs up and enough support, then I will do even more
crazy DIY videos for you guys, and hopefully I won’t fail. There’s probably gonna be
a lot of failing, though, if I do more of these.
(chuckles) This video was inspired
by Awesome Disney Tours, where he literally has done
every single soda imaginable, and turned it into jello. So make sure you guys go
check out his channel, I’m gonna put the link down below. And I have to say a huge thank you, because we’ve hit one million subscribers here on this channel. I was thinking about how we could possibly say thank you for all the
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so stick around for that. But right now let’s jump right in. Let’s create some DIY.
(glass clinking) Supposed to catch it on my hand,
that did not go as planned. Okay, let’s get into the video. All you need for this
is of course the soda, you’re also gonna need
a ridiculous amount, a ridiculous amount of gelatin. Here we go, we’ll get the shot. You’re gonna need some bowls. You’re also going to need duct tape. And last but not least, of course… (dramatic tone) A knife.
(laughs) Alright, so now you’re
just gonna take your soda, open it up.
(pressure whistles) Oh my gosh, it’s like smoking right now. Alright, here we go, we got the soda, and then we’re just gonna
pour it into the bowl. Hopefully they, I’m just
splashing it everywhere. It’s just like chugging out. Actually I’m gonna put the top in there. (liquid sloshing) That’s so much! Alright, well that is
all the soda out of here, and now it’s time for step number two. Ah, I just drank that whole thing. Step number two, you just need to remove this label right here, that way you can put it
on the finished product of the jello soda, so for this you need to be very careful to make sure you do not rip the label prematurely,
just try it right now. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I messed this up. There we go, now that you’ve perfectly removed the label from… Now that you have
perfectly removed the label from the bottle, you’re ready to continue on to step number three. If I get this, this is
going to be awesome. Oh, didn’t get it!
(laughs) For this next step, I was
going to spin the bottle on the knife, but that
did not work out at all. You’re not actually gonna
be using this giant knife, because that’s not safe at all. If using a smaller bottle,
you can use an X-ACTO knife. I’ve brought along a Leatherman knife because it’s more hardcore
because this is a bigger bottle. Just gonna cut a line right here, and be very careful on this. Don’t do this without
parental supervision, because I don’t want to get sued. This is how you do it. Hey look, it’s my fingers. You’re just gonna cut into this here. That’s, and just try
to cut a straight line. That’s not straight at all, that was the most jagged line I’ve ever, look how bad that is!
(warning horn) Well, after you’ve cut a perfectly straight line on the bottle, you are ready to continue,
what step were we on? Five, step number five. Whether or not it’s five, we’re
going with step number five. Step number five, duct tape, ow. So what you’re gonna do for this is just take a strip
of duct tape, tear it. Just like that, and then
what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take it,
and you’re gonna cover up the incision you just made. Cover that up, bam, just like that. And now you’ve officially
air-tight sealed this thing. Now we’re moving onto step number six. I tried to do threes like
that, but that didn’t work. Alright, let’s do it. The original recipe calls
for eight packs of jello, but this one, since we’re super-sizing it, I’m going to be using 26 packs of jello. So, let’s do it right now. Instead of being basic
and doing one at a time, I’m going to do all of them at once! About to rip through 26 jello
packets at once, legendary. (paper ripping) Okay, I’m gonna go back
to doing one at a time. (lively music) Next you’re going to just add water, and then microwave it for about
three minutes give or take, and we’ll see what happens. – [Narrator] A few moments later. (microwave beeps) – How do you open the microwave? Is there a button? You don’t know how much
I microwave things. How do you do this? Go timer, strike, stop,
clear, clock, clear! Nope, that’s not it. How do, how do these work? So maybe if I pull it like this? Oh, I see the little button on the side, I must have like hit it by accident. Oh my gosh, it looks
disgusting, what the heck. Next, I need to stir
this around a little bit. Just gonna give it a little, oh, ho ho ho, oh my gosh, this looks so nasty! Now the part we’ve all been waiting for. You add the jello to
the mix, so here we go, we’re just gonna do this. I’m not gonna even lie,
this is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever
smelled in my entire life. Hoo, it is uck! Wait ’til YouTube introduces a feature where you can smell what
I’m smelling right now, because this stuff is not nice. Ugh, it’s so gross! Next we are going to
be pouring all of this into the empty duct taped bottle. Alright, I guess we’re just
gonna kind of go for it? No, no! There we go, ooh! Now all you have to do is
just freeze it and wait for one hour, and at that point
you’ll have a jello soda. All the bubbles will go away, so let’s do that right now. – [Narrator] One hour later. – This is the big reveal right now. We’re about to find out
what this thing looks like. Here we go, three, two, one! (disappointed tone)
(laughs) Bruh, what is that? Kinda cut open the bottle
and then remove the jello, or the frozen mass of failure. This is just horrible. Alright, here we go, let’s
see if I can do this. (laughs)
Hey! Look at that, not too shabby, okay. (laughs) I don’t know why that’s so much fun. Alright, so now we have
to get the other half out, so let me see if I flip this up like this. (laughs)
It’s not coming out. It’s gonna crack in half. Let’s see if I can get this whole thing out without it breaking. Be free!
(laughs) It didn’t work. Leave your bottle, yay! We did it! Even though it’s chunky, it’s funky, it’s messed up, we did it! So what you do is you take the top now, gonna put the top on there. It’s coming together! Now you just take this, oh my gosh, this low-key like actually works. And bam, there you have it. This is the DIY jello soda. So I don’t know what I did wrong, probably the fact that it was so big. (smack reverberates)
(laughs) It looks so cool! Well it kind of failed
at the end there, but. Ah, it’s cold. I’m gonna take my jello
with me, my little baby. I’m gonna try and bite the frost-bitten part right now, hold on. It’s so cold, okay, bye.
(laughs) Help, it’s gross, okay.

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