DIY Concrete Gel Fire Pit *EASY* | Modern Builds | EP. 5

I'm Mike Montgomery and today we're making this modern concrete fire bowl on modern builds now you may remember my video from a few weeks ago of me making this concrete planner well the same idea we use for this is what we're going to use for the fire bowl so if you haven't seen this video here's a link for it otherwise I'm going to do step by step on how to make it again and let's get started all right so our first step is to find two plastic bowls one will be smaller than the other and the space between the two will make the forms the second step is to coat each of those bowls with some Pam or whatever kind of nonstick cooking spray that you have next we're going to mix up some concrete now keep in mind the more water you use in your mix the smoother finish you're most likely going to get if you have a chunky mix you're probably going to get a lot more air bubbles finally we can pour that concrete into your bowl don't forget to stir it up and vibrate it to knock out as many air bubbles as you can once that's done you can put your small bowl into your large one don't forget to weigh it down I use the ten pound weight and that seemed to be perfect and after you've done that and vibrated out the air you can let it sit overnight then you can pop it out with an air compressor that is the easiest way to do it super fast super easy now as you can see the top of my bowl is not smooth but all I had to do is take a normal old razor blade and just kind of cut away and smooth out the top and it works great and that used a pretty thick mix that's why I have so many air bubbles if you don't like that add a little bit more water and it should be smoother all right so now that all that is finished you're going to need something to keep the rocks off of our fuel pack that way it can properly what I used is just a piece of chicken wire and I just bended it shaped it that way I just set a couple inches off of the bottom of the bowl and now that that's finished we can add our fuel and what these are if you don't already know are the little fuel packs that caterers use underneath warming trays to keep food warm and I'll put links to everything in the description and now we can add our rocks or whatever you want to use on the top I just bought two packs from Dollar Tree for a buck apiece super cheap and they look great and finally the moment you've all been waiting for you can set it on fire now I'm not going to lie to you these gel packs emit a really low blue flame no one's probably going to tell you this on the internet just because they want it to look good but the trick to making a big flame like this is to put te tool inside of the canister so it burns white or yellow and really high thank you guys so much for watching don't forget to subscribe for a new video every week and if you have any question you can just ask me in the comments or hit me up on social media thanks guys and we'll see you next time on modern bill you

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