Ding2 │Red Wine Makeup

Today I’ll be wearing grey contacts for this red wine makeup to stand out Recently I’ve been liking to spray this mist If you want to find out more, head over to my Instagram This is already my 3rd bottle of this B3 gel It has been with me for a few seasons I really recommend this item In Winter, I like to put on moisturising cream after essence to lock in the moisture Although this moisturiser absorbs very quickly, it is packed with many nutrients My face has been quite spotty because of my recent skin injections I like to use foundation to cover these red spots After distributing the foundation with your fingers, use a cushion to pad the remaining foundation in So this way there is coverage and also that ‘dewy’ look I will use concealer to cover any other spots after using foundation Otherwise this red wine makeup will look a bit messy After using eyebrow pencil, I will use brow gel to lighten my brows For the eye makeup I will use a rice white colour for base Because I don’t have any wine coloured eyeshadow I used a wine blush as an alternative It is quite dark and pigmented After blending the top lid, apply some on the outer half lid as well Just using a wine colour will make you appear very swollen Use a brown burgundy shade to add definition to the look Apply a shimmery gold shade in the centre to allow the lids to pop out This will allow the look to appear more dimensional Just using the fingers to blend is ok Use a lighter pink shade On the lower lid Don’t know why this is turning into a ‘Halloween’ like look Looks like a vampire look Up until now the makeup doesn’t look quite lively Apply a light shimmery gold shade in the inner eyes to brighten up the look Curl the lashes before lining the top lid to avoid smudging Slightly wing out and extend the eyeliner Apply some false lashes for an even better look I received these lashes when I went to Beauty Week in Korea They are made by a Chinese creator She released these eyelashes and gifted me with a pack After applying lashes, the look is even more lovely and the lashes are very light Curl false and natural lashes together and apply mascara The face looks a bit pale in comparison to the bold eye makeup Apply a darker blush for some shading on the sides of the face Apply highlighter on the face to further bring out this look I’m applying highlighter on the areas where light will naturally hit my face For lip makeup, I will first apply a fresh red Apply darker reds in the inner areas of the lip for a gradient effect I want to wear a headband for this look So i will loosely curl my hair Pin it up with clips My forehead is very wide So I will apply some shading This whole look revolves around this headband I got so mad because I bought this in Korea and it was 30HKD more than it was in Hong Kong It is only 70HKD in Hong Kong It was 100+ HKD in Korea but I bought it in Korea… Oh well, I only found out after I returned to Hong Kong… Thanks to this headband, I was able to show you guys this makeup look I hope everyone liked this look! Although it is quite bold and red is a strong colour to wear I think this look is quite unique especially for a night out I hope everyone enjoyed this video I will be releasing more videos soon~ Please keep an eye out for me See you in my next one, byebye~ It’s so coooold

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