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I won't sing for me we do it on repeat okay I always recommend starting your day off immediately with water to stay hydrated because you've technically been fasting all night because you were asleep so you need to wake up and hydrate your body and then I typically make homemade almond milk I probably make homemade almond milk at least two to three times a week just because it's so good and I drink it with everything so you just want to fill up about a cup of soaked almonds that you've soaked overnight in some water and then I fill it up with my pitcher add in a little bit of vanilla extract and some sea salts and blend it for about a minute and then you just strain it through a little bag that's like a nut milk bag so that it comes out really really smooth and I feel my pictures up with the fresh almond milk and I use it for everything including my morning coffee so I grind up my espresso beans and then I make a little espresso come on hey you like when I comfort me or something it's a game-changer when you use fresh homemade almond milk it's like ridiculous so that's been my favorite little healthy hack is to make my own almond milk and it's so healthy obviously next it's time to make a morning energizer smoothie so this is what I call the spirulina dream I use spirulina capsules as well as some banana mango some soaked cashews a little bit of spinach and I add it all into a blender and normally I use coconut water but today I ran out so I used my homemade almond milk and I love using this vital protein spirulina if you don't know what spirulina is it's just an amazing superfood it's sourced from blue-green algae it is a great source of vitamin A vitamin K it helps to aid the body's ability to naturally detoxify while giving your overall energy levels a huge boost and it helps your body to fight free radicals which means it's extremely high in antioxidants oh this is just great I love having it in my morning smoothies for that reason and this is by far my favorite way to have spirulina I also like to start my day with a plate of food along with my smoothie just to keep energized and full so I do typically pasture-raised eggs with some veggies like asparagus and sweet potato and spinach and stuff so then it's time to go out and get some exercise this was a Saturday and so I just headed out after breakfast with my husband and her little doggy and we went and ran around and we just played at the park and I typically get in little sprint sessions because I run and then he runs after me and it's just a great way to stay in shape and get outside and keep Fitness fun and exciting and not limited to just going to the gym to stay healthy so that's actually a really great way if you have a dog just run after your dog or run away from your dog and have them run after you and you won't even know it but you're doing a hit workout and this is actually typically the way that I like do my hit so I know it's kind of weird and it's very sneaky but I almost tricked myself into it I feel like my mindset over the years has been really freed from you know having to work out every single day and now I just enjoy life and I enjoy fitness and health won't you sing for me won't you sing for me deal with OC yeah so after the workout I always make some type of smoothie or Bowl the reason being is because it's really a great way to get in protein because it's easily digestible because you're having kind of a liquid form of protein so for my acai bowls I typically do a banana frozen blueberries some peanut butter and acai packet and then vital proteins collagen peptides and some almond milk and blend it up and this is just my favorite and that's the way that I personally like to get protein in is by using the vital proteins collagen peptides not only does it provide protein but collagen as well and this is what's made my hair grow so much over the past few months and the great thing about this one is that it's flavorless so you can really taste and enjoy your acai bowl and it doesn't interrupt the flavor at all it blends beautifully and smoothly and it's seriously amazing so then I top it with a bunch of yummy toppings my favorite lately being coconut sugar it almost adds this like caramel taste and then I enjoy my acai bowl last couple months I've been ending my day at with an after-dinner walk and I've always heard that it's really good for you to get out and walk after you have your final meal and helps you digest helps you wind down before bed helps reduce stress and I finally started incorporating it into my day-to-day routine and it's made a massive difference I want to leave you with this if you are wanting to start a healthy lifestyle and if you feel like man I can't even do one day of being healthy I mess up every single day I want you to know that we all mess up none of us are perfect and that's why you keep moving forward and you allow yourself to say I'm gonna give myself grace through these mistakes because without grace we can't move forward so just know that every day that you mess up is a day that you're moving forward if you're not trippin that means you're not going anywhere that means you're not moving and one of the biggest mistakes I've made over the past few years is thinking that I've made mistakes and getting stuck in the past because of that so just know there is more to you than yesterday and something beautiful is always on the horizon so keep moving forward today one step at a time I'd say what do you do yeah I got that one

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