DAY 10 | The 2019 Craft Beer Advent Calendar Review | Sexton Brewing

Hey beer fans! Ashley here from, and we are back with day ten of the craft beer advent calendar
Belgian Edition let’s get into it where is number ten I should have done this
before okay so today’s beer is crazy Mountain
brewery this is their crazy Mountain amber ale
this is 5.25 percent alcohol by volume eleven SRM twenty five IBUs and it’s got
some pretty cool artwork to it like that looks pretty cool this actually reminds
this artwork sort of reminds me of a Ontario brewery called little beasts
they make some really awesome beer but their labels are very like sort of
monster ask sort of cartoony and its own cool a crazy Mountain brewery I want to
say I’ve had a beer from them before they are based out of Denver Colorado I
think it was last year’s calendar there was a barley wheat bale I think that’s
what it was so I could be one percent wrong but I guess I’ll find out
afterwards so an amber ale 5.5% amber ale actually you know what perfect beer
for me right now because it’s not like eight or nine percent crazy high should
be easy drinking right so beer itself it is super
crystal-clear straight through it yeah there’s that is perfectly clear so
we got yeah beautiful amber color copper and off-white head tight little compact
bottle bubbles there we go let’s get the aroma getting some nice light caramel
malt off it not sweet though so it’s got like a caramel malt nice brandy biscuity
malt there’s a touch of like earthy
bitterness like it’s like an earthy hop aroma coming from it I mean orality to
it as well sort of like I’m not gonna say copper coin like aroma but it’s got
like some sort of like a minerality to it Oh looks good smells good
let’s get into her Cheers okay now this is a Belgian amber there’s a
slight ton subtle nuance like a yeast driven flavor that’s coming across a
little clove II little clove little spicy yeah flavors great though I love this well I
mean I love this as much as you can get excited for an amber how I suppose five
overall it’s pretty pretty well done amber ale you know the flavor notes
you’re getting are cerned exactly in line with the with the aroma getting a a
nice soft caramel note that is not too sweet to balance nicely with like an
earthy hop flavor mildly bitter everything is just nicely in balance
nicely in tune and then yeah you sort of get like a little bit of kicker at the
end from like a I guess like a clothed spicy some sort of like not spices per
se but definitely like a yeast driven clove flavor clove a little peppery yeah that’s a
great beer I enjoyed this one um again if you like stylistically wise you know
it’s not gonna blow your mind off like your it’s not gonna blow up your brain
or anything like that but it’s a it’s a very well done amber ale with a slight
Belgian nuance so there we go that’s another review I’m gonna sit back and
enjoy the rest of this one and we will see you all tomorrow for day eleven

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