Davis, Saperstein & Salomon | Drinking and Driving – Steven Benvenisti

“My name is Steven Benvenisti. I’m one of
the partners here at Davis, Saperstein, and Salomon. In my eighteen years as a personal injury attorney, one hundred percent of my practice has been devoted to representing personal injury victims, so many of those victims have been victims of DWI, driving while intoxicated. Tragically I haven’t gotten to meet all of my DWI victim clients because they’ve died so unnecessarily in these completely preventable accidents. The reason why personal
injury work is so close to my heart is because six weeks before law school began I was on vacation with friends when a drunk driver who was on the roadway lost control of his vehicle and he struck me. His vehicle crushed my legs upon impact and I was in the hospital for over six months and I underwent fifteen major surgeries. While I was in those hospitals, I made a promise to myself that if I was able to survive and have a full recovery from this accident that I spend the rest of my life doing everything I could to try to end drinking and driving because a drunk driver did this to me. I’m grateful that I was blessed to have a full and complete recovery. Now I speak to hundreds of thousands of people every single year, to audiences,at conventions on national TV with a very simple message. If you make the decision to have even one drink, please don’t make the decision to drive. I ask you to do what you can within reason to stop that friend or family from getting behind the wheel
of their car. Now granted, that friend or family member may be angry at you that night for trying to stop them from driving and driving but that same friend or family member will
be alive the following day to come up to you and say thank you for saving my life. Again, please make the decision right now that you will never drink and drive.”

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