Dark Aspects #3 – Alcohol in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

It’s been stated before. It’s been said
many times and talked about it since the release. Majora’s Mask is a dark game. It’s the
darkest one I’ve ever played, and why I was inspired to create this series of videos.
But we all know that its atmosphere, theme of impending doom, and moody visuals make
this game unnerving and distressing. What I want to instead focus on, is certain areas
that don’t get as much attention, and are still out of place for a family oriented game.
One of the more interesting ones that I’ve found, is how a drink in the game is a clear
parallel to alcohol; and a powerful means for certain storytelling aspects. To begin, it is clear that the “Chatau Romani”
beverage, introduced in this game, is alcoholic. The only place the player is able to get this
drink, is in a place called Latte, a Milk Bar located in East Clock Town. Link can only
get inside by proving his membership, achieved by attempting to enter through the door while
wearing Romani’s Mask. Owning this mask is an indication to others that someone thinks
of Link as an adult, proven many times throughout the story. Examples include the description
of the mask, its Gossip Stone hint, the response from the Bomber kids while wearing the mask,
and Cremia’s dialogue upon gifting it to you. Cremia also tells Link that it is “the
most desired of forbidden milk”. The only other time the player will hear of
someone else enjoying the drink, is a conversation between the ranch sisters, Cremia and Romani.
Cremia will tell her young sister that she is permitting her to have the drink, for the
first time and only only for that night, as children are not to regularly have it. She
states that she thinks of Romani as an adult, but there’s an interesting and popular theory
that she’s just giving her sister the beverage as a way to dull her senses, so she won’t
feel anything when the incoming apocalypse hits. Now that it’s been established that this
drink is alcoholic, there’s a character I’d like to focus on named Gorman, a circus
troupe leader preparing to perform for the carnival’s show. Gorman can be seen at the
milk bar (from 10pm til closing) on the first night. The character will be moving erratically
in his seat, occasionally banging his fist on the counter. If spoken to, he will question
the player if it is possible for somebody to become tipsy from drinking milk (while
not directly stated to be Chatau Romani, one can assume that’s what it is, as regular
milk is never stated in the game to be something for adults only). His dialogue will also appear
the be unconventionally organized, but only when you talk to him at this time, implying
he is having difficulty with his speech and slurring his words at the moment (clear indicators
that a person is drunk). If spoken to again, he will tell Link of his regret of a career
choice and anger at himself for becoming a failure, revealing the reason he is so distraught
and unpredictable in his movements at that time. The fact that Nintendo would allow for
a character clearly drowning his sorrows in booze, is surprising. The hints are not very
subtle either, and because there are so many it is rare that the typical player would not
pick up on this. Resorting to drinking instead of solving one’s problems is unhealthy,
and I think it’s brilliant to have this sort of thing to teach children the dangers
of it, I just find it surprising this is allowed for an “E” rated game by the USRB. I should mention the 3DS version of this game,
while rated “E-10+” expands on this theme by including an additional quest not seen
in the original. Gorman will actually be ill in bed the day following his night at the
bar, and will request Link retrieve a concoction from his brothers that will cure him of this
sickness. It is now made even more obvious that Gorman was drunk that night, considering
he is now hungover, and furthering proof that this game touches on a wide variety of mature
means. WIth this all established, it is interesting
to note that Link is actually able to drink Chatau Romani in this game. With all of the
things he’s seen and done in his lifetime, and the fact that he’s been an adult before,
perhaps the poor guy should be allowed to drink this stuff (Joking). The drink itself
should be highly sought after, even if it is a fairly large 200 rupees, because it grants
Link unlimited magic use for the rest of the three day cycle he’s in. It even removes
the curse placed on him when Link runs into a Blue Bubble enemy, which would normally
inhibit him from using his sword. The unlimited magic meter is incredibly helpful for many
players, and they will not have to go searching for magic jars when they run out. Why does
an alcoholic beverage give Link this ability? Perhaps he feels like he can do anything while
under the influence of the drink, and is able to overperform with the magic he is able to
use. That’s obviously just an interpretation, and more than likely something the developers
didn’t think about.

16 thoughts on “Dark Aspects #3 – Alcohol in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

  • Fantastically detailed video, but I should expect nothing less of you. Great work, Thane!!! Probably gonna be my next buy for the 3DS!

  • Good video keep up the good work and if you do your channel will never die! 🙂
    Man I never knew I was playing a game with drink that kids can't drink when a kid MAN THIS GAME IS DARK

  • It does make sense for it to be an alcaholic baverage.
    I'd say it's practically what we would consider 'Baileys' in other words, 'Irish Cream Liquor' (which is a milk based product mixed with Irish/Scotch Whiskey).

    During that time period, somewhat the end of the middle ages since bombs exist, that's got to be a novelty, unheard of by townfolks.

    It also makes sense that you would need identification to enter the |Cafe|, as well as that one drunk circus guy.

    The big sister allowing the kid sister for the first time to drink that milk is also very suspicious. Since she is more aware, and fears alot, for the moon to come down in this land, but can't leave the farm since it's all they have left from their father, it seems legit that she would give her younger sister some alcoholic beverage, one she also explicitly mentioned is only for 'adults', in order to make her tipsy if not drunk, or get her to sleep early so she doesn't have to witness the world's end.

    It would also explain the hesitation she had to give her younger sister some of that 'milk'.

    Link is out of question for this debate, he was an adult before in ocarina of time, is the legendary green hero, had to fight his way through various dungoens and challanges that were life threatening, therefore meant for adults anyway, plus he provided the cover and protection for the milk to be delivered.

    It stands to reason he would be granted to drink some of that special milk.

    Why he has unlimited magic after consuming it, I'll just quote: "Korpiklaani – Vodka"

    "Vodka, you're feeling stronger
    Vodka, no more feeling bad
    Vodka, your eyes are shining
    Vodka, you are the real man
    Vodka, wipes away your tears
    Vodka, removes your fears
    Vodka, everyone is gorgeous
    Vodka, yeah vodka"

    Seems like a somewhat logical description for it's effects.

    But I just don't want to know how Link will feel after the 3rd night.

  • just started checking out your channel after watching dark aspects #2 . great work dude! the only thing I noticed is you don't get the recognition you deserve. :/ still your videos are awesome, definitely subbing. 🙂

  • Correction on that last point: The developers likely DID think about an alcoholic beverage granting Link unlimited magic, because throughout Japanese History and Mythos it was widely believed that an alcoholic beverage would grant the person incredible powers upon drinking it (this was also included in a scene in Okami, PS2/PS3, where the village elder, Mr. Orange, drinks a large bottle of sake to enhance his performance for a ritual that is needed to revive a tree spirit).

    Great analysis videos. Looking forward to seeing more. 🙂


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