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you any kids I think that I would be a really good mom do you want any kids if it happens I'll totally be down who you want yes and no yeah any kids okay my name is Alex this is ivy we met down in Florida you with that person it feels like that so good get ask me a question okay if our sex life was a porn what genre would it be hmm genre this is definitely big booty okay yeah that would be the selection they'll find us on there yeah I've never caught her I found her dildos and got upset I know you made me get rid of all my toys dog you should look like this fucking lawn man put me to shame I had to go back to like old school Oh would you ever consider having an open little video after finished would you ever consider consider this foot up your neck it's heightened sinner okay okay if I decided to transition would you stay with me yeah be a dog afterwards you wouldn't like to change it's not gonna happen they could like no that's rude married for life no if I was a different race would you still be with me yeah if I was black would you be with me yes if you I mean how black are we talking I would totally take you any race as long as my answer right well you have the same build my answers maybe salaries you are races just so you know what's one thing you would change about me you seen things to rose-colored glasses the world is not happy-go-lucky if you are no what do you wish I would do more for you I'm gonna drink okay pretty sure you could answer what I would like that you to do more to be you do so much I'll be honest with you you you really do a lot the primary ways unless sex if you could sleep with any person in the world who would it be what's the little brown chick from Avatar before she's avatar Zoe Saldana yeah the hair is really pretty how about you yeah and they can't it to get it Ryan Reynolds forget it hey Biggs forget it thanks Kirsten you're the one that have you ever thought about cheating on me have you ever thought about cheating on me we had a rough beginning so we had an extremely rough beginning how many sexual partners have you had I won't do number parties in Miami Beach beach seats where I went to college so something huh have you ever had a threesome or would you I'm gonna have to take a drink that's what she's taking a shot but uh likely takes I'm gonna take the shot but I'm also gonna answer it because you're a pain I have and I wouldn't oh my god who would you want to be in our threesome Matt in Florida probably your most out-there friend are you talking about my ether yeah yeah yeah when was the last time you lied to me and why at night sometimes out driving live so sometimes I'll totally I'm out driving which I initially do but I'll take a very long break and hook up with some of my friends and smoke and chill friends Monty and Monty and Monty are you attracted to any of my friends who is it yes attractive friends but not like they're not your they're not your type I feel much safer are you an attractive to any of my friends this one is vodka right gonna vodka yeah give me a hint of who it is I'm attracted to big butts so you're friends with asses would definitely get it so like all my friends your friends when was the last time you masturbated probably yesterday morning where was I on that long walk you ain't burning those calories and I was doing the same damn thing think of any of my friends are big butts while you masturbate mmm big booty Judy know anybody dude exactly whose turn is it on what do you find most annoying about me well the fact that you think about big booty Judy where your master economy at the top of my list but for realsies I pull out the scroll you don't clean up after yourself you don't put clothes in the hamper you forget things the minute I tell them to yeah me I think so what was on your mind the last time we were having sex she sounds it big booty Judy no but I will drink though but I will drink no I love you honey I always on my mind when did you fall in love with me I know that I said it too soon because you got mad and then I had to like read fall in love with you again so I'd say like after a year I surely did love you alright do you think we'll always be together sure why not no sir see like why not like why why will we we have the same goals same focus same mindset really good to say mindset I don't agree with that at all well hopital of the spectrum yes but we still trying to reach the same goal okay we definitely be a power couple in 10 years I love you I love you too regardless of any of the answers I still love you I still be with you big booty Judy was just you just come in and out she'll come in and out like Jesus she's a face she was in and out like the wind I'm way sexier than whoever it is you're speaking of [Applause]

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